Along with the regular Bollywood and Hollywood entertainment that we have in theatres, OTT apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime are a big source of time pass. But since most of the theatres are closed now due to Coronavirus Pandemic, and going out is almost like playing with death, you must be looking for cool leisure options indoor.


While we at Koimoi have recently provided you several interesting lists of web shows to watch on Netflix, Prime, and other OTT apps, here we bring a list of 5 documentaries or docuseries on Netflix that shouldn’t miss watching. Not just these documentaries will help you pass time, you will also gain a lot of interesting knowledge.

From The Great Hack To The Game Changers, 5 Netflix Documentaries That Are Too Good To Miss
From The Great Hack To The Game Changers, 5 Netflix Documentaries That Are Too Good To Miss

1) The Great Hack

We all know about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal that happened earlier in 2018. The documentary explores the incident in-depth and talks about how Cambridge Analytica executed “The Great Hack” and how deep the impact it had on our social life. The documentary with the help of whistleblowers also explores how it impacted the political scenario of the US and creates awareness about our data rights.

2) Minimalism

How much material do we need to live happily? or do we actually need it? Minimalism talks about the importance of removing the clutter and everything extra from our life which is the ultimate rule of happiness. Watch the documentary to know the magic that it can create.

3) Heal


Heal is a wonderful documentary that shares the magic of healing yourself. Our body is very much capable of healing itself if we have the right perception. The documentary takes you on the spiritual and scientific journey where you understand things about your power you never knew before.

4) The Game Changers

Being Vegterain, Vegan or Non-Vegetarian has been a huge debate for ages. It’s a common perception that power comes from meat. While most of the sportspersons you know are hardcore non-vegetarians, The Game Changers brings in front of you those sportspersons who turned pure vegetarians or vegans still managed to rule the game they played.

The Game Changers talks about the health benefits of vegetables and problems that non-veg can cause to our beauty. The documentary will change your perception of being vegetarian forever.


The two-season docu-series, Explains a lot of things of which you never thought there would be an explanation. From Beauty & Animal Intelligence to the Astrology and The Female Orgasm, it has so much to share which will be fascinating for you.

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