Chandler From FRIENDS As WhatsApp Is As Funny As Ut Gets
This Meme About FRIENDS & WhatsApp Is So Funny That It’s Unbelievable (Photo Credit – NBC/A Still From FRIENDS/WhatsApp/Wikimedia)

When FRIENDS started airing on American Television back in 1994, even the makers wouldn’t have known that they are making a classic. It’s unbelievable that a show even after 17 years of coming to an end is still relevant. A generation has passed but the characters and jokes of FRIENDS still come out like a breeze. FRIENDS Hai Toh Mumkin Hai!


Like all of you even we have watched the whole show multiple times without getting bored of it. Along with that our social media life also passes while scrolling through Instagram timeline checking out funny FRIENDS moments, BTS videos and memes.


So we came across this funny video meme shared by a FRIENDS fan club which is relatable AF. The meme relates a hilarious Chandler situation with the ongoing WhatsApp controversy and it’s so good! Take a look at let us know how louder it made you laugh:

Isn’t it so damn accurate?

Those who don’t know, WhatsApp has updated its Privacy Policy and unlike before it’s asking the users to let the app access its data for parent company Facebook. Although users have the option to not agree that’s only until Feb 7. After the date, WhatsApp users will have to either agree to the terms or they won’t be able to access the app.

Netizens all over the world have spoken up against the updated privacy policy of WhatsApp and millions of viewers have actually opted for other options like Telegram & Signal.

Coming back to FRIENDS, the show David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc & Lisa Kudrow in lead. They played the characters of Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe respectively which became iconic over time. The show came to an end in 2003 but continues to stream on OTT platforms like Netflix & HBO Max.

The fans of FRIENDS consider it as a show which helps them beat the bad days and it always works.

What are your thoughts on FRIENDS? Let us know in the comments section. Stay Tuned to Koimoi for more updates.

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