FRIENDS: Yes, They Made Us Laugh A Lot But 5 Times When We Cried With Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey & Phoebe

Ross & Rachel Confessing Their Love For Each Other This happened during season 2 episode 7, where Ross and Rachel finally come out clean about having feelings for each other.

When Chandler Moves Out Of Joey’s Apartment This happened during season 6 episodes 6 and 7 when everyone gets to know about Chandler & Monica’s relationship.

Phoebe & Mike’s Breakup Phoebe breaks up with the love of her life Mike in season 9 episode 16 and unlike all the other heartbreaking breakups we saw on the show, this one holds a special place.

Chandler’s “She’s A Mother, Without A Baby” Speech For Monica This happens during season 10 episode 9 when Chandler gives a long, beautiful and heartfelt speech for the mother in Monica.

The One Where They All Say Goodbye Because, give us one reason, why not?