FRIENDS' 'Phoebe Buffay' Lisa Kudrow REVEALS Getting Her Car Checked Daily While Returning From The Sets To Make Sure She Wasn't A Thief
FRIENDS’ ‘Phoebe Buffay’ Lisa Kudrow REVEALS Getting Her Car Checked Daily While Returning From The Sets To Make Sure She Wasn’t A Thief

FRIENDS’ ‘Phoebe Buffay’ Lisa Kudrow was not just goofy on the show but also had some hilarious moments outside it with the rest of the cast members. She recently revealed that before leaving from the sets, her car got properly scrutinised by the security to see if she hasn’t stolen anything from the sets.

Over the years, we all have heard how all the members from the leading cast couldn’t resist themselves from bringing in souvenirs from the sets. This made the makers of FRIENDS to adopt some strict measures in other to keep the sets’ props on the sets.



Lisa Kudrow revealed how she managed to steal a cookie jar overcoming the security measures. Thanks to Chandler (Matthew Perry) who helped her to carry this task. The jar belonged to Monica Geller (Courtney Cox) and Rachel Green’s (Jennifer Aniston) apartment. It was of the shape of a clock which read, ‘Cookie Time’.

Lisa Kudrow in a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel revealed what she told to Matthew Perry when she got to know that he has stolen some goodies from the sets. She said: “I think the first thing I asked was, ‘This was so nice – did you get permission?'”

Lisa Kudrow also revealed, “I mean, my car used to get searched every night when I left.” On why the cookie jar, she said, “We’re shooting a scene, years before we were finished, and my line was, ‘Oh! I better get going’. As the words were coming out, I went, ‘Oh, good, there’s a clock.’ I gestured to that, and said, ‘Oh! Look at the time. I gotta get going.’ And during shooting, Matthew said, ‘Did you look at the cookie jar and say look at the time?'”

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly, she revealed that she has not watched the episodes from the later seasons. Lisa Kudrow said, “I haven’t seen some of the later episodes, to be honest.”

Lisa Kudrow also added, “And then I don’t rewatch them. So it’s really fun to talk about things. Someone remembers it one way and someone remembers something else about it altogether, and I don’t know, it’s really fun. It’s great. And then some people have phenomenal memories. Jennifer remembers everything and Matt remembers everything. And I remember nothing.”

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