A crime thriller with Sidharth Shukla on my mind : Priyanka Ghose
A crime thriller with Sidharth Shukla on my mind : Priyanka Ghose(Photo Credit – Instagram)

Debutante director of Sidharth Shukla’s Broken but beautiful Season 3, Priyanka Ghose is in quite a celebratory mood. The show had ranked at an undisputed 9.3 rating last week alongside some of the biggest shows worldwide. Former theater actress & associate director of the Sushmita Sen starrer Aarya, Priyanka is currently basking in all the attention coming her way for her maiden directorial outing.

Priyanka’s camaraderie with the star Sidharth Shukla has turned out to be quite fruitful & we wonder if the two plan to get together anytime soon for the fans. Priyanka excitedly shares, ‘I am hoping my next one is a thriller. Sid & I would keep joking about how we should do one action or a crime thriller together. I hope we figure something out soon. But having said that, my first look out is for a good script & an idea that resonates with me, doesn’t have to be any specific genre.”

She also adds, “Of course there are a lot of factors that help you decide among the offers you get, as to what one should do next; right from the production company to the main cast to which platform to the writer to the budgets. It is a bit difficult to plan steps ahead given that we yet don’t know for sure when things will resume full throttle.” Sidharth Shukla received immense praise for his performance in Broken But Beautiful 3.

With a career & a pretty diverse work to her credit, Priyanka sets an example & also standards for upcoming directors. Without any shortcuts & only the hard & smart way, Priyanka believes to have reached here & this is just the beginning. She shares, “I’m hoping that an exciting & appropriate offer comes my way. I’m thoroughly enjoying the OTT space but webseries is not the only format I want to explore. I’m also developing a few feature film scripts that have stirred some interests at some places. Hoping something good works out soon enough.”

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