Extraction trailer is finally out and it looks stunning in terms of action, drama and thriller. He is the reason why Chris’ character in Extraction is sent on a deadly mission. The film will be out on Netflix on April 24.He is the reason why Chris’ character in Extraction is sent on a deadly mission. The film will be out on Netflix on April 24.


Koimoi got a chance to talk to Rudhraksh and we asked him about his experience of working with Chris and this Netflix original, about his Bollywood talks with the Thor actor and more.

EXCLUSIVE! Extraction Actor Rudhraksh Jaiswal On Working With Chris Hemsworth & Thor Actor's Reaction To Ranveer Singh's Comment
EXCLUSIVE! Extraction Actor Rudhraksh Jaiswal On Working With Chris Hemsworth & Thor Actor’s Reaction To Ranveer Singh’s Comment

Read the full interview below:

When you saw Chris Hemsworth for the first time, what was your reaction?

What happened was I was on the sets inside a tent and I was working on the monitor. There was a window cut out on the tent and I was constantly looking outside, waiting for Chris to come. There was trance music playing on the sets, the vibe was great. When he came on the sets, I walked out of the tent and I went to him. I was starstruck seeing him and he’s very tall. My eyes first went on to see his muscles, he’s very fit. I said his iconic dialogue from Avengers: Infinity War – Bring me, Thanos. He said, ‘Nice one, Roody’. He has given me a few nicknames like The Little Legend, Roody, Roody Rooster. etc.

How did you bag this movie?

This happened a few years ago when I was called for the audition. First, I was being auditioned for selection day the casting director liked it. I told my mom that the casting director liked my audition. So my mom thought that there are some good chances and she was praying outside. After 4-5 days, I was disappointed as I was not selected. Again after one year, I got a call for an audition and I was thinking if they are the same people who called to audition for the selection day. But it was the same casting director who told me that I have to audition for Extraction. She gave me the script and it was a complete action-packed audition. In 3-4 takes, I gave the audition and she liked it. I was again called for the second round and again in the third and fourth round. After 6 such auditions, she told me the director is Sam Hargrave and he has worked as the stunt co-ordinator for Avengers film. I was super excited to meet him. I met Sam and he also auditioned me again. He took my audition for some tough scenes. When he told me that Chris Hemsworth is a part of this project, I was going nuts. I had no idea that I was going to work with Chris in the film.

Before shooting the film in Ahmedabad, I had script rehearsals practice with Chris and Sam. We used to read our dialogues and bringing out points for our characters.

Can you share us an anecdote related to Chris from your shooting days?


We were shooting an action sequence in Ahmedabad. We are fighting, ducking, rolling on the ground, pushing. In one scene, Chris stabbed a policeman and he pulled me out of a room. While pulling me out of the room, he accidentally scratched me on my chest. We did that scene around 9-10 times. He scratched my chest by mistake during the 8th take. I told my mom about it and later, Chris sir got to know about it. He came to my mom and he apologised a lot. He said it was by mistake. I told him that it’s okay as I permanently got his autograph on my chest. He burst out laughing.

There were reports that he also cried while apologising to your mom. Is that true?

Yes, as he was feeling very sorry. He called his team and put some spray on the wounds. But that was a very great scene. One more interesting memory from Thailand when we packed up our shoots every time, we used to play football at a big ground behind our hotel. We used to do swimming and gymming together.

You made him say ‘Bade Bade Deshon Mein…’ dialogue from Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol’s DDLJ. Did you discuss Hindi movies with him?

I didn’t discuss any Bollywood movies and he hasn’t seen any Hindi movies. I asked him about a few actors from Bollywood, but he didn’t know anyone. I told Chris about Ranveer Singh’s comment on his post when he came to Ahmedabad for Extraction’s shooting. He said ‘Oh, that’s great’.

To be a part of Extraction, you walked out of Ajay Devgn’s Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. Did you doubt your decision at that time?

I, unfortunately, have to leave two movies, one was Tanhaj and also Gunjan Saxena biopic. I feel sad though. I discussed it with my mom. I wanted to do all the movies. But it was my mom’s call. She had a gut feeling that this will work better and we should go for this. But those were great opportunities too.

Do you wish to work in Hollywood films?

When I met Joe Russo sir in Mumbai last year, he said that your work is awesome and he loved the movie. He assured me that he will cast me for another movie. I hope it’s a Marvel movie. It will be great.

Chris Hemsworth was going to come to India in March to promote Extraction but it got cancelled. What were the plans?

I am very sad that the promotions got cancel due to the pandemic. It was going to be a huge event in Mumbai. I feel that people should take care of themselves. Also, I think that Extraction will get more viewership as most of the people are inside their homes only.

Are you still in touch with Chris?

I talk to him a lot. I wish him during every Indian festival also. We keep messaging each other and ask about family, I take acting tips from him or any information about acting workshops. He even told me to come to his place in Australia someday.

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