EXCLUSIVE! Dipika Chikhlia On Ramayan Breaking The Record Of Game On Thrones: “I Wish I Could Be A Part Of The Show”
EXCLUSIVE! Dipika Chikhlia On Ramayan Breaking Record Of Game On Thrones: “I Wish I Could Be A Part Of GoT”

Ever since Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan returned on television, people have been going crazy after the show and the actors. Netizens have been trending the show on Twitter and several memes have been doing the rounds around the show. Ramayan featuring Arun Govil, Dipika Chikhlia and Sunil Lahri in lead roles has become one of the most loved shows across the world and stands in the league of TV shows like Game Of Thrones and Big Bang Theory.

Recently, the news of Ramayan breaking the world record of viewership literally broke the internet. Apparently, the show recorded a viewership of 77 million on April 16, 2020, which is higher than the finale episodes of both Game Of Thrones and Big Bang Theory. The back-to-back, two-episode finale of the nerdy sitcom’s 12-season run drew 18.5 mn live viewers on May 16, 2019. Game of Thrones had around 17.4 mn live views in its finale episode, which has a huge difference from Ramayan’s viewership.



We got in touch with Ramayan’s Sita aka Dipika Chikhlia regarding the milestone that the show has achieved, and the actress said, “I mean frankly it’s quite unbelievable because it’s a world record. The show and of course us actors have gotten this kind of huge reaction after 33 years of the show’ original telecast and it’s amazing. Even at that time, the show was big, but to get so much respect and love now from the millennials and the young generation is amazing. It shows that Ramayan is still relevant in today’s time.”

Dipika further added, “I think now I feel that I have proved myself as an actor. Until now we, the cast of Ramayan, had been treated as gods. But the millennials have put it out there, that we are not gods, but really good actors who have done their jobs wonderfully. As an actor, I think I got my due credit.”

A few days ago, veteran actor Arun Govil, who portrayed the character of Ram in the show, tweeted about how he received no awards or special honour for Ramayan despite the show being a cult and superhit. Speaking about the same, Dipika Chiklia said, “I think it’s very important that you’re loved by the people. The respect that we have got by crossing 77 million in the re-run is unmatched. Of course, it’s a bonus getting awards and being appreciated for your hard work, but an actor’s main aim should always be to please the audience.”

When asked how her family reacted to all of it, the actress quipped, “Frankly there is no reaction from my family, they feel it is normal. I was excited about it because there was a post about it which compared Ramayan’s viewership with Game Of Thrones. I have watched GOT and I loved the show. I used to say it to my husband that I wished I could be a part of Game Of Thrones and then when I saw the post and the comparison of the views, I was surprised and overwhelmed.”

Sharing with us what kind of shows she is watching nowadays, Dipika Chiklia said, “I was watching The Last Kingdom recently which just got over and then I watched Vikings. I love these kinds of shows.”

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