Emily In Paris 2: What Are The Possibilities Of A Polyamorous Relationship?
Emily In Paris Season 2: What Are The Possibilities Of A Polyamorous Relationship? (Photo Credit – IMDb)

Emily in Paris’ starring Lily Collins, is a wonderful tale of a young girl’s adventures in a foreign land. From not knowing the language to a sadistic boss Sylvie, (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieuto) Emily’s way of dealing with everything is presented so positively in the series that it’s difficult not to like her. She is relatable as well as aspirational. Even after being as confused as a girl next door, she ends up saving the day with her witty ideas.

Throughout the series, we were expecting that something would cook up between her and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), the guy lives a floor down in her building, but the creator Darren Star kept on teasing us throughout the series and left it on a cliff hanger in the final episode of season 1.

While everyone desperately wants Emily and Gabriel to be together in season 2, I think I am the only one who doesn’t want to give up on Camille (Camille Razat) either. In a foreign city where everyone was judgmental, Camille came as a friend who always supported Emily personally and professionally. She was always there for Gabriel as well but it was him who even after being in a relationship with Camille, makes out with Emily. That too without revealing the truth to her.

So, should he leave Emily and be with Camille? I don’t think that’s also an ideal possibility because of the intensity of infatuation he shares with Emily. He would be betraying himself if he doesn’t be with her. Then what is the solution?

I don’t want to see the complicated love triangle dilemma as we have already seen enough of it. For me, it would be wonderful if we get to see a harmonious polyamorous relationship in season 2 where Camille, Gabriel and Emily can live together happily ever after. Camille, being an artist herself, carries an open perspective towards things. Secondly, she already loves Emily. Third, they are in Paris. Fourth, a polyamorous relationship could give a fresh arch to the characters.

Speaking about how it would impact their character arches, I think Gabriel would approve of such possibility. However, Emily might have initial hesitations as it’s already been established that she isn’t willing to settle for anything less. But we can’t deny that Paris has influenced her perspective to a considerable extend. So, you never know!

What do you think about the idea? Do let us know via comments and stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates.

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