Breaking Bad is one of the most popular and appreciated crime drama television series. The show had 5 seasons which aired from 2008-2013. The series gave us characters that astonished us and favourites being Walter White (Bryan Cranston), Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). Now we will be getting a movie called ‘El Camino’.


In El Camino, we will get to see what happens when Jesse Pinkman elopes in a car in the last episode. He runs away with Walt’s help after the latter kills the Nazis who had kidnapped Jesse. As we are just a few hours away from catching up with the Breaking Bad film, here are a few questions we want Vince Gilligan to answer us:

El Camino: We Hope Breaking Bad Makers ANSWER These 4 Burning Questions In The Film
El Camino: We Hope Breaking Bad Makers ANSWER These 4 Burning Questions In The Film

1. The timeline

We want to know exactly how much time has passed between Jesse escaping in the car to the Albuquerque cops starting a search mission for him. We saw in the promos that they question one of Jesse’s friends asking about his whereabouts. So it’s clear that Jesse didn’t take shelter in his friends’ apartment immediately. We hope the makers cover how much time had passed and what he did during the same.

2. Walter White and his family


Walt’s death was a huge setback at the end of the series. He was a wanted criminal, so it’s obvious that his death will affect a lot of lives, especially his family. So what happens to them? They too would be questioned about Jesse Pinkman. So will we get to see how easy/terrible life has been for Skyler and Walter Jr after Walt’s death?

3. Saul Goodman

In the last season, Walt and Jesse’s lawyer Saul Goodman takes another identity and disappears. In the series Better Call Saul, at the beginning of the first episode of every season, we are shown Saul’s life post his escape from Albuquerque. So is he making a comeback? Bob Odenkirk’s BCS co-star Rhea Seehorn who plays Kim Wexler is expected to be a part of El Camino. We hope they connect the dots between Breaking Bad, El Camino & Breaking Bad.

4. Is Walt REALLY dead?

We know that Vince Gilligan said that Walt is dead. But will we see Bryan Cranston in the film? BECAUSE WE REALLY WANT To. And what if he’s alive? Well, our curiosity has only increased more.

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