Rakhi Sawant: 'Bigg Boss OTT' contestants are not entertaining audience
Rakhi Sawant: ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestants are not entertaining audience(Pic Credit: Instagram/rakhisawant2511,raqeshbapat,millindgaba, IMDb)

Rakhi Sawant is not happy that contestants are just sleeping in the ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ house and not entertaining the audience.

While the contestants seem to be busy with tasks, fights and connections, Rakhi feels that not all contestants are giving in their best to entertain the audience. Rakhi had recently commented on how Shamita Shetty is the best dresser and Neha Bhasin is the worst in the house.

Now she has pointed to Millind Gaba and Raqesh Bapat for not doing anything in the house. Rakhi says, “I really think Milind and Raqesh should wake up now to play the game. Have they gone inside to sleep?”

Rakhi who has experienced going inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house twice herself shares how she is not happy with the way Milind and Raqesh are playing. She further adds, “I don’t like it, they don’t get into anyone’s fight, nor do they fight themselves and don’t entertain the audience. Have they not slept for two years during corona?”

Looking at the way housemates are playing inside, Rakhi has a little advice to give to the contestants, she says, “Maintain your connections and break other’s.”

From her experience of watching ‘Bigg Boss’, the diva says, “I have seen across seasons, in the beginning, all contestants are so happy, they say ‘I will do this and that’ but at the end of the day after going inside everyone falls flat.”

Well, the housemates are not entertaining Rakhi Sawant enough it seems. However, the audience sure knows who they like and who they want to eliminate.

‘Bigg Boss OTT’ streams on Voot.

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