Superstar Salman Khan was labelled as a biased host by netizens, who came up with the #BiasedHostSalmanKhan hashtag to criticise him for supporting actor Sidharth Shukla and slamming Mahira Sharma in the recent ‘Weekend ka Vaar‘ episode of Bigg Boss 13.

While the entire past week in the Bigg Boss house was about Sidharth getting aggressive and hurting Mahira during a task and Paras Chhabra claiming to get his finger broken due to Shukla’s aggression and an eventual punishment to Sidharth Shukla, Salman Khan during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode still supported Siddharth and stated Siddharth neither hurt Paras nor Mahira.

Salman Khan labelled as biased host by Twitterati
Salman Khan labelled as biased host by Twitterati

Salman then addressed the issue between Mahira and Sidharth — where Sidharth explained his side saying that he wasn’t entirely responsible for the incident and Mahira said that she knows that she is not as strong as compared to Sidharth and felt that Sidharth should have taken that into consideration.

To which, Salman asked if she would have done the same, or left the task. Salman even pointed out how everyone in the house gets aggressive during tasks — this point by Salman was deemed as a way to defend aggression by a section of social media users.

Salman also called out most of the contestants, including Mahira, for targeting Sidharth, questioning if that is their way to stay in the limelight and their game-plan.

After listening to Salman, Mahira started crying and said: “I won’t say a word henceforth because Sidharth is ‘mahaan'”. To which, Salman told her to stop with the ‘nautanki’ and focus on the game.

While Twitter has been flooded with anti-Salman Tweets and calling the megastar biased, a lot of celebrities have come out in support of Sidharth Shukla and Salman Khan.

While Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan was shocked at the show’s take on the whole incident and tweeted, “I’m shocked ! Im probably watching a different #biggboss ! aggression is justified by all means,” her former flame and BB 7 contestant Kushal Tondon came out in support of Sidharth Shukla and tweeted, “Real people don’t have to act in reality, more power to u kamine.”

Check out some Bigg Boss fans tweet against Salman:

“BB taught us nothing but to release temper on women and according to host girls are weaker. This gender discriminating show should be taken down by all means cause we can’t stand this behaviour,” wrote one.

“Trending since last night till now. The outrage is real. You can’t mock someone’ emotion we audience are standing together against this favouritism being done! There’ a limit to everything and you’ve crossed it all,” said another.

“Why is Salman so biased? Why doesn’t he ever scold Sidharth Shukla for being so aggressive and disrespectful? Why has Salman never praised how well Paras is playing? Why is he after Paras and Mahira only,” asked another.

“What message is given by #BiggBoss13 to world if a man is aggressive then a girl should stay away from the man and don’t try to compete with him. Being aggressive is justified by makers. Such a shame,” tweeted another.

One wrote: “In a world where girls are equal to boys you are showing your sick mentality by saying backoff because you are a girl, but you are forgetting in ‘Bigg Boss’ girls defeated boys and won the Show.”

However, Sidharth’s industry friends like Kishwer Merchant, Kamya Punjabi, Kushal Tandon and Sanjeeda Shaikh tweeted in his support with Tweets that read:

And also former Bigg Boss contestant Rupali Ganguli has said, “I feel he doesn’t ‘backbitch’ and he portrays what he is not doing stuff just to please people.”

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