Bigg Boss 12: Yes, the Salman Khan show is back and this time it’s predicted to be filled with more entertainment. Every season since Salman has joined the show, the news of him charging certain crores per episode go viral. It’s not anything different this time, it’s just huger than ever.

For the uninitiated, Bigg Boss is a reality show in which contestants stay inside the house for a certain amount of days and the one who stays till the end wins the show. Over the years we have got winners like Rahul Roy, Ashutosh Kaushik, Juhi Parmar, Urvashi Dholakia, Gautam Gulati and more. Bigg Boss Season 11 which was aired last year had Shilpa Shinde as its winner.

Bigg Boss 12: You Won't Believe How Much Salman Khan Is Charging Per Episode This Time!
Bigg Boss 12: You Won’t Believe How Much Salman Khan Is Charging Per Episode This Time!

As per the reports floating on internet, Salman Khan charged 11 crores for Bigg Boss 11 and a raise was surely expected this year. Now it’s been said Salman has charged a whopping amount of 14 crores per episode. Now, that’s the amount 90% of actors don’t get for an entire film. But there is a reason why the term Blockbuster goes synonymous with Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 12, now in its 12th season, will premiere on Colors channel on September 16. Asked about his favourite contestants over the years, he said: “There are so many of them. People who have gone over the top, they don’t have any work. The ones who conquered their weaknesses and developed their strengths, are doing well.”

He praised the winner of Bigg Boss 8 – Gautam Gulati – though. “Gautam Gulati lost the plot in the first two weeks and after that, he turned everything around to win Bigg Boss which is a commendable thing,” said Salman.

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