Bigg Boss 12 Day 24 LIVE Updates: It feels like Srishty’s the easy target this season, that’s probably why the inhumane people in the house are literally harassing her, that to physically! Want to know what exactly happened and how Sreesanth got evicted? Well, you got to keep reading.

Starting with the captaincy task was well stratergised by the ‘emotionally weak’ Sreesanth (as people call him). But if you haven’t yet been able to see what a player he’s turning out to be, you don’t deserve to watch Bigg Boss anymore! Anyway, Srishty Rode became the final contender against Saba-Somi, after the last 2 rounds saw Karanvir & Urvashi getting out of the task. One thing to be mentioned, Urvashi with her stability (whenever visible though) is stealing our hearts!

Bigg Boss 12 Day 24 LIVE Updates: Dipika Votes ‘Brother’ Sreesanth OUT, Another Physical Attack Against Poor Srishty!
Bigg Boss 12 Day 24 LIVE Updates: Dipika Votes ‘Brother’ Sreesanth OUT, Another Physical Attack Against Poor Srishty!

We can’t help but notice the increasing closeness between Shivashish & Jasleen Matharu but today’s episode proved that Shiv truly got some fans. Surbhi Rana as could be seen is quite jealous of the bond that is being shared between the former two. Actually, Surbhi as she claimed was unwell and was asking Shiv for his blanket, which he refused to give. Meanwhile, he instead gave it to Jasleen and she was smart enough to point it out when Surbhi indirectly expressed disappointment over the same!

Mid-Week Evictions, we know you’ve been waiting for this and so were we! Although the housemeates in majority voted Nehha Pendse out, Bigg Boss played his game. Sreesanth was eliminated and as predicted by us yesterday, he was sent to the outhouse where Anup Jalota is already present. Another shocker is that the voting lines have been reopened and either Nehha or Karanvir, who were the other two nominated contestants for the week, will get evicted this weekend!

We were shocked to see Dipika’s vote for elimination being against Sree and the super bizarre reason she gave behind it. No wonder, it was an opportunity for her to eliminate a contender, and she knows to play her game well! But now that Sreesanth is in the outhouse, it’s for sure not going to be easy for her. We can hear thunders already, can you?

Tomorrow’s episode will see the devil Saba Khan pushing away Srishty Rode, that too with a force that she falls down real bad. Although, the catfight for most is going to be a view but we feel sad that the later is being made an easy target. As per Bigg Boss rules, getting physical is a violation and the makers was already breached once when Surbhi yesterday pulled Srishty’s hair. Only time will tell, if this time they’ll take a stand for the poor soul or is she going to be a victim, yet again!

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