Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai Fame Aasif Sheikh Turns Joker For The Show
Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai Fame Aasif Sheikh Opens Up On Turning Joker For The Show

As we discuss who from Joaquin Phoenix and Heath Ledger is a better Joker, Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai! fame Aasif Sheikh is all set to portray his version of probably the most loved villain of all time. Yes, he’s all set to turn into Joker on the show and he’s pretty excited about it.

In his latest conversation, Aasif shed light on where did he drew inspiration to play this role. He’s been doing some challenging preparations for the role and is now very anxious to find out the viewers’ reaction.



While talking with Times Of India, Aasif Sheikh said, “We usually expect jokers to make us laugh, but this one doesn’t make you laugh. In fact, he is rather menacing. My inspiration for this part was Joaquin Phoenix, who played the eponymous character in the Hollywood film. I am a big fan of the film and the character, and wanted to try it in a way that it fit the format of our show since a while now.”

Aasif Sheikh also added, “The humiliation he goes through in life and the pent-up anger comes out in this form. I don a new avatar to exact revenge from everyone, who has humiliated him. I have worked hard on this character and am anxious to know how people receive it, I have tried to play it as close to what was conceived. We are trying to experiment, especially with my character, as I have donned so many avatars already.”

He is hoping for the viewers to like his version of Joker. Aasif Sheikh added, “Vibhuti jo hamesha hasaata rehta hai woh jab menacing banta hai toh kya hota hai. I hope people like my take on the Joker. Experiments aadmi karega toh kayi baar successful hoga aur kayi baar fail (When you experiment, you either succeed or fail). Nervousness hamesha rehti hai, na rahe toh kya faayda. When an artiste doesn’t feel nervous while facing the camera, he is done for the day. So yes, I am nervous, too.”

Aasif Sheikh also said, “I have never been so enthusiastic about being spending hours alone in the vanity room. Adorning the look of the mischievous Joker, from the plastered face, the blood-red smirk to the vibrant green hair and the suit, I have loved the process. I am an ardent fan of the comics, and my most desired personality was that of the eccentric Joker. I put in hours of preparation for this role and to make it relevant to the Indian audience. I’m excited and eagerly looking forward to my friends, family, and fans’ reactions. I will always be grateful to the team of ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai!’ for believing in me, taking my suggestions on this dream character and make it a reality. This is the best birthday gift I have ever received – my dream role!”

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