Better Call Saul Season 6 Is Being Highly Awaited By Fans & This Fan Theory Proves
A Fan Theory Of Better Call Saul Suggests Kim Wexler Will Be A Shadow Partner Of Saul Goodman In Breaking Bad World(Pic credit – Imdb )

Better Call Saul’s season 6 is one of the most awaited instalments of TV and OTT fans worldwide. While fans are desperately looking forward to seeing how the Saul Goodman world merges with that of Breaking Bad, there are several other events that have kept the viewers excited.

Better Call Saul season 6 has been postponed due to pandemic and it will take some time for the fans’ wait to end. In the meantime, a lot of fans are opting for re-watches and others are spending time making theories around it.



We came around a very interesting fan theory which talks about the fate of Kim Wexler and how she continues to be Saul Goodman’s shadow partner in Breaking Bad. Read on to know.

As per the theory shared by What Culture, there are many possibilities when it comes to the fate of Kim Wexler. While some think she must’ve died and some think she is alive and has been given witness protection. All of us have seen Kim turning out to be cunning and manipulative with time. It was truly one of the highlights when she locked horns with Lalo and he left calmly. The theory suggests that she becomes Saul Goodman’s shadow partner in the Breaking Bad world and supports him in everything without coming in front.

There’s another theory which provides a follow up of the same. It says that Kim is the one who gets Gene (secret identity of Saul Goodman) out of his situation in Nebraska. The last we saw Gene was when he hung up his phone over Ed. But what made him do it? The speculation suggests that it could well be Kim.

The theory adds more weight to itself by taking us back to the time in Breaking Bad when Saul Goodman disappears. It all happens so quickly that if Kim was his shadow partner he wouldn’t have got any time to meet her. So it makes sense that Kim has been looking for Gene and finally finds him.

What do you think about this theory? Let us know in the comments section.

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