Aryans Band's Sadu: "Lip-Syncing To A Song Makes A Person Look Foolish"
Aryans Band’s Sadu: “Lip-Syncing To A Song Makes A Person Look Foolish”

Singer Sadu, one of the founding members of the popular pop and rock band Aryans, is not a fan of actors lip-syncing to songs on screen.

“I have never appreciated playback singing or songs in films. How can you lip-sync to a song? It makes a person look foolish, especially today. That’s a large part of the reason for the pathetic state of both music and films in India. We really need music to be independent like in the West. They don’t need songs to sell their movies and their movies are still fantastic,” Sadu told IANS.



The singer-composer has launched his new ghazal-pop single titled “Ankh se door na ho”.

It’s a 2020 take on the famous ghazal penned by poet Ahmad Faraz.

“During this lockdown, I tried singing my favourites ghazals by artistes like Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh and uploaded them on social media to boost people’s morale. My renditions received a massive positive response from all over the globe, and that tempted me to go in for a proper ghazal release of my own,” he said.

“l loved the poetry of Ahmad Faraz, hence there couldn’t have been a better choice to start with other than ‘Ankh se door’. The new generation is deprived of the fantasy of ghazals, hence I thought of bringing the mystic ambience back to the South Asian audience with the latest sound so they can relate to it easily,” he added.

The single is accompanied by a video that was shot between Bhopal and Mumbai.

“On a positive note, the lockdown has been a blessing in disguise, as there are lots of creative aspects in me like writing stories, philosophical thoughts, composing new songs and practising and working on my vocal exercises, which I can polish for betterment,” said Sadu.

He added: “Also, there were around 10 songs in the preliminary stage, 20 songs in the second stage and five songs in the final stage, with ample time around, so that was the right time to finish all of them,” said Sadu.

“Since almost everything can happen online today, I was in touch with my music producers, studio engineers and they all have their own home setups. Hence, I didn’t have any problem to develop the songs,” he recalled.

“The problem was in the video shoot since it was not allowed by the government. I took special permission for the shoot and could finally do justice to the music video and we’ve shot the video between Bhopal, MP and Mumbai, Maharashtra,” Sadu said.

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