Anupamaa Star Gaurav Khanna Opens Up About The #Maan
Anupamaa Star Gaurav Khanna Says He Got To Know About The #Maan Through A Colleague(Pic Credit: Instagram/gauravkhannaofficial)

Anupamaa is currently the most-watched show and its new storyline is making the audience fall in love with Gaurav Khanna’s character Anuj Kapadia. In the recent episode, Anuj finally confessed his love for Rupali Ganguly’s titular character. Meanwhile, fans are in love with their chemistry so much so that they call them #MaAn. However, Anuj is who isn’t into social media opens up about people investing so much time and pouring their love.

Since his entry into the show, the dynamics have changed a lot in the daily soap. Fans get curious thinking what will be his next move, and now that he finally opened up about his feelings it’ll be interesting to know what’s gonna happen in the show.

In an interview with India Forums, Anupamaa actor Gaurav Khanna talks about #MaAn, he says, “Yes, I got to know through a colleague that MaAn is a new hashtag and people are investing their time in it and posting so much around our characters and talking about it. I am not a very socially active person I would say, I don’t even know a lot of things still, how to operate Instagram, Twitter (laughs) because I have never done it.”

Gaurav Khanna adds, “I always thought that an actor should finesse the art of his acting and I have come from that school of thought that if I am a good actor, everything else will fall into place. But yes, today, a lot of people are invested in social media platforms and it is increasing connectivity. I am a quick learner, though I missed the bus earlier, I am running towards it, I will learn it pretty soon, but until that time, just enjoy my acting and all these things will also follow.”

In a previous interview with SpotboyE, the actor had opened up about working experience with Rupali Ganguly, the actor said, “Working with Rupali is really good because I like her as a performer in most of the shows, especially her show Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai has been one of my favourite shows back then. I told her that I really love her comic timings also. She has been very supportive towards me since my character of Anuj is not very easy to play. So, I feel lucky to have a co-actress like her. Our scenes come out very nice and people have loved our scenes together and we get a lot of love from fans saying that they want to see more of our scenes together. It’s been an amazing experience.”

Rajan Shahi’s show revolves around the life of Rupali Ganguly’s titular character Anupamaa, who part ways with her ambitions to look after her family. However, she feels miserable when she fails to get any credit for her sacrifices. She then decides to live on her own terms.

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