All the readers who follow the south Indian films know that, after watching Pokiri, the ace filmmaker A.R Murugadoss had always expressed a burning desire to work with the superstar Mahesh Babu. And, this burning desire came true in the form of the upcoming bilingual spy-thriller Spyder, which releases this week.


Speaking about the same, A.R Murugadoss told the leading news portal ‘Firstpost’ that, “The wait has been worth it. There couldn’t have a better film than Spyder to mark our maiden collaboration. Over the years, whenever we discussed the possibility of joining hands, we didn’t want to do a film for the sake of it. Both of us were very clear about it. We are glad things finally fell in place for Spyder. Had we collaborated a decade ago, we might not have made such a big film”.

Here’s Why A.R. Murugadoss Feels That Spyder Has Been The Best Collaboration With Mahesh Babu
Spyder Has Been The Best Collaboration With Mahesh Babu Feels A.R. Murugadoss

In the same breath, A.R Murugadoss added, “Teaming up at this point in our careers meant we could explore new avenues and it helped in putting this project together. Spyder is a very humanistic story and that’s why we made it in two languages. The story has a universal appeal and it could even be made in more languages. We believed the story could appeal to audiences from any regional background. Hence, we discussed the idea of making a bilingual and even Mahesh was excited about the plan”.

In the same breath, A.R Murugadoss continued his interview with ‘Firstpost’ saying, “We roped in actors from both the industries and shot it in a way that audiences don’t feel alienated. This meant we had to shoot each scene twice and every time the whole set up had to be changed. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry too much about changing the backdrop because the story is set in Hyderabad. Even the songs were shot twice because we wanted the lip sync to match the language in which we shot. Naturally, this meant we had to shoot longer than expected. I need to thank my producers for having immense faith in me. Needless to say, we couldn’t have pulled it off without Mahesh’s support.

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Speaking about the superstar Mahesh Babu, A.R Murugadoss told, “We had 80 days of night shoot and Mahesh never had any problem with the schedule. He was even ready to give us more dates if needed. His dedication level is unmatchable. He’s already quite well known to Tamil audiences. Some of his films have been remade in Tamil and a few have been dubbed and released. The fact that he speaks fluent Tamil and has dubbed in his own voice for the film’s Tamil version will work big time with the audiences. His Tamil, in my opinion, will be a trend-setter”.

When asked about the action of Spyder, which is supposed to be one of the USPs of the film, A.R Murugadoss said, “One of the highlights of Spyder will be the action. The National award-winning action choreographer Peter Hein put his life at risk for the action sequences. The climax action episode, in which we had to include general public, will be highly spoken about. This is going to be one of his best works and audiences are going to love Mahesh in the action scenes. Mahesh insisted on doing all his stunts sans a body double”.




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