Vote For Your Favourite Character From Roshan Mathew & Prithviraj Sukumaran Starrer Kuruthi
Roshan Mathew’s Ibrahim, Prithviraj Sukumaran’s Liaq Or Srindaa’s Sumati, Vote For Your Favourite ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Malayalam cinema has reached the top already in India, when it comes to addressing the societal evils in the most innovative way. Religious fanaticism has decayed our society in a big way and the war to save ones belief seems to be the ultimate for many. Kuruthi starring Roshan Mathew with Prithviraj Sukumaran and Srindaa in the lead talks about the same but in a thrilling way.

The movie that brought together powerhouse performers, demanded a lot from them. First and foremost become one with their characters to an extent where their personal beliefs don’t even have to be present in the room. Kuruthi is a classic example in of how amazing actors will make a script work even when locked inside a house with just 2 rooms.

Today on Koimoi, we list down five of our favourite characters from Kuruthi and tell you to vote for the best.

Roshan Mathew As Ibrahim

Ibrahim or Ibru has seen a lot in life. From a disaster taking away his wife and child, to living life for his bed ridden father and younger brother. Ibru has no motivation to live apart from the two men in his life. When fate brings the monster to his house, he has to make sure he doesn’t let his humanity die.

Srindaa As Sumathi

Srindaa becomes Sumathi in Kuruthi, a helpful soul that has empathy for everyone around her. She is in love with Ibru and wants him to marry her. But when her belief is put to test she forgets what she is and takes the responsibility to save the person from her clan, rather that look at the situation with subjective gaze.

Prithviraj Sukumaran As Laiq

Finally the Monster. Like Srindaa takes the responsibility to save her man, Liaq is the bone hunting him down. Prithviraj Sukumaran becomes the bad man we all dread. He knows no humanity and only understand vengeance. The climax where he creates another monster is what hits the max.

Mammukoya As Moosa Khader

One if the most interesting characters in Kuruthi, Moosa Khader who plays the father is kind of a reality check. Mammukoya give his character a new life. Adding ample punch lines and bravery to his portrayal the man makes us fall in love with his calibre.

Nalsen K Gafoor As Rasool

Nalsen’s Rasool is the consequence of the chaos we witness. Already brainwashed, he is the weakling for the monster to overpower. And so he does. Gafoor plays the lart with vulnerability and manages to impress.

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