Koimoi Recommends Njan Prakashan (Lockdown Watch): Fahadh Faasil As A Good For Nothing Character Is A Treat In This No Harm Film
Koimoi Recommends Njan Prakashan (Lockdown Watch): Fahadh Faasil As A Good For Nothing Character Is A Treat In This No Harm Film

The template of self-realisation and finding your own space in this big world has been done to death by now. But how to present it yet again with freshness, is Fahadh Faasil’s 2018 film Njan Prakashan. Now this one isn’t the best on the list or a game-changer. It is a light-hearted drama, that has a good amount of humour with a pinch of emotions. We need that recipe as well in these trying times. Today on Koimoi recommends, I recommend you this one.

PS: Don’t kill me if this turns out to be a Fahadh appreciation post, also, this will be one.


Director: Sathyan Anthikad

Language: Malayalam (subtitles)


Available on: Netflix

Njan Prakashan is about a hopeless man, Prakashan aka P R Akash as he calls himself. A hopeless guy with a degree in nursing but doesn’t quite like his job. Actually, he likes nothing at all. Just lazing around and finding ways to get out of the country and attain luxury is what he does. The film is about self-realisation and a journey to it that takes you on a hilarious yet meaningful ride.

So this is two stalwarts of Malayalam cinema Sathyan Anthikad and Sreenivasan coming back together after 16 longs years. The film was highly anticipated and rightly so. They have together edged a story about a man who is instant hate worthy. And not once do they as writers and director judge him.

This man in question here leaves a girl just because she isn’t rich. Tries to get her back when he gets to know she can be his ticket to Germany and plans to dump her again. Here’s is a man who doesn’t even blink an eye while draining his family monetarily without even thinking about their future. Can you stop judging him? But the makers not for once try to cover him. Earlier titled Malyali, it was said the film represents a good number of Kerala youth. This has to be their eye-opener in that case.

Can we all get a piece of Fahadh Faasil’s art and keep it with us? This man here can play the same character zillion times and still bring newness each time. Njan Prakashan stars him as a hopeless man. And he aces that. Till the last 30 minutes, all I was doing was hating him for being what he was. Fahadh gets into this unlikable character and makes it his own. Just like I said in my Trance review, Fahadh has the capability of leaving behind actors from all the industries. I had warned you!

The film is a journey through humour. Anthikad and Sreenivasan know this unlikable character isn’t instantly edible. So they introduce humour and make you comfortable. Yes, there are emotions too that comes in the second half.

Not that Njan Prakashan does not have flaws. It has many. Like the screenplay that goes dull in between the second half. Or the rushed pace that the film catches many times and can be noticed. But at the heart of it, the film is a drama that deserves a watch. Fetch your popcorn, stretch your feet and watch this no harm film. We recommend you Njan Prakashan completely.

Njan Prakashan Star Rating: 3.5/5 stars (Three And a Half Star)

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