Megastar Rajinikanth plays Kaala who runs away from Trinuelveli in his childhood. He then moves to Mumbai where he becomes a powerful don living in the slums of Dharavi. The villain played by Nana Patekar is charming, intelligent and convincing.


The true blood fans of the superstar have already started burning crackers, dancing on streets and praying for their god i.e Rajinikanth. But for the intellectuals here are 5 sure shot reasons to not miss Kaala:

5 reasons Rajinikanth’s Kaala cannot be missed
Kaala: 5 Reasons Why Rajinikanth Will Retain His SUPERSTAR Tag With This One!

Social Awareness:

Director Pa. Ranjith in this gangster thriller tackles the issue of land mafia. He uses Rajinikanth to tell his message that land is a common man’s right. With this film, we also see how the migrant population take up low-level jobs and in essence are responsible for the smooth running of this city.

Action Packed:


As expected from any Rajinikanth movie, Kaala too is packed with dramatic, heart-pumping action sequences. But to a pleasant surprise, the action isn’t only limited to the physicality of it, Rajinikanth’s verbal, masala burns are sure shot whistle worthy.

Easwari Rao:

Actress Easwari Rao plays the role of Selvi who is the wife of Kaala(Rajinikanth) and woos her way into people’s hearts. Pa. Ranjith is successful in creating a totally adorable, caring at the same time savage wife. You will surely fall in love with her character.

Best Climax:

Admitting it is hard but Kaala will be remembered as one of the best climaxes of any Rajinikanth movie. The director owes this high praise to his excellent technical crew(cinematographer Murali, music director Santhosh Narayanan, editor Sreekar Prasad and art director Ramalingam) for helping him visualize and deliver this mass appeal masala movie.

Rajinikanth himself:

The name is popular worldwide and is known for his style, suave and everything awesome. But off-screen this humble man is nothing short of some god for his fans and followers. Hearing Rajini speaks in Marathi will surely delight his fans in Maharashtra. Adding to this the confrontation of Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar is a paisa vasool performance worth looking out for.

Need we say more!




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