X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoyJames McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, Nicholas Hoult

Director: Simon Kinberg

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Wolverine, Deadpool - Look What They Have Done Without You!
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Wolverine, Deadpool – Look What They Have Done Without You!

What’s Good: The final battle & the fact that it’s ending!

What’s Bad: This series needed a better farewell – please bring back Wolverine & let’s team him up with Deadpool for one last time

Loo Break: Skip it if you want to keep the love for the series intact

Watch or Not?: Skip it for the love of vintage X-Men!

User Rating:

The story starts with very young Jean Grey (played by Summer Fontana) riding in a car with her parents. She’s denied listening to the music of her choice, instead, she gifts her parents a car-crash in returns. Parents die, she survives because she’s special – a mutant. Now, after covering 60s in X-Men: The First Class (2011), 70s in X-Men: Days Of The Future Past (2014) and 80s in X-Men: Apocalypse (2016), we finally settle down in the 90s in this film. Dr Xavier (McAvoy) finds Jean and takes her as his prodigy by explaining to her how she’s special.

We’ve seen all in the past X-Men instalments, what was left now? Space! The X-Men are called out to help some Nasa Challenger astronauts stuck in the space. In an attempt to save them, Jean Grey sucks in some evil force shaped in hot flames (not hotter than Mumbai’s summer though). She survives but becomes the Dark Phoenix. With great power comes people who want to steal it. Enters Vuk (Jessica Chastain), she tries to seduce the power from Jean but she has the family of X-Men standing with her. So, no points for guessing it’s a good vs evil showdown in the finale, and we Indians have learned since Mahabharata – the victory of good over evil.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Wolverine, Deadpool - Look What They Have Done Without You!
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Wolverine, Deadpool – Look What They Have Done Without You!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Script Analysis

Simon Kinberg is kind of a senior in the X-Men universe after writing three of its older parts. This time things don’t look very well with the script. Minutes turn to years while Simon takes his time to build the plot up. The second half gets interesting but by then, you’re either snoring or doing something better than watching on the screen.

The problem lies in the story, which never focuses on one particular thing. This was supposed to be the last X-Men film, people should’ve been mourning its end but many were relieved that it ended. Logan was sorely missed – probably the only character which will be remembered as one of the X-Men. He stepped into the wrong universe. Sophie’s track is so similar to Captain Marvel; the narration feels a cheap knock-off of it.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Star Performance

James McAvoy as the young and vibrant Charles Xavier is dull. He gets his fair share of screen space but unfortunately couldn’t justify the same. Michael Fassbender tops the who’s-your-favourite list from the movie; actually, he’s the only one on that list.

Sophie Turner plays the titular role has no real combat sequences. She just stands at a place using her hands to showcase some bad CGI. I know mutants are limited to the powers they’ve got, but till when we’ll see them repeating the similar things time and again? (Oh! This was the last part). Jennifer Lawrence is decent and is there just for a special appearance. From the rest of the lot, Nicholas Hoult as the beast is all right.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: Direction, Music

Simon Kinberg’s final bye is not so good! The direction is scattered as Simon fails to maintain the intrigue from the word go. There are a couple of good sequences especially the final battle, but it’s exhausting otherwise. This needed Bryan Singer!

Till this very moment, I wasn’t aware the music is given by the legendary Hans Zimmer. Not a single piece blended well with the narrative. Music is even more forgettable than the other minuses of the film.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, let’s bid our final goodbyes to the X-Men series because it anyway outlived itself. This was memorable because of Hugh Jackman and the initial parts. The last couple of parts, including this, were just excessive clutters. It should’ve ended with Days Of Future Past & Logan.

Two Stars! 

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Trailer

X-Men: Dark Phoenix releases on 5th June, 2019.


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