Typewriter Review (Netflix): Horror is a genre which has been pretty underutilised or say has been very less explored in India. In the last few years, there’ve been some nice cinematic and digital attempts, but hardly anything is served that can be considered upto the mark of today’s standards.


Sujoy Ghosh has a very good track record with suspense thrillers, so when he came up with Typewriter for Netflix, I naturally had high expectations along with many others.

Typewriter is a story of Jenny (Palomi Ghosh) whose grandfather Madhav Matthew (Kanwaljeet) is a popular ghost story-writer but doesn’t believe in the ghosts himself until he sees her ghost in the room.

Typewriter Review: All Is Not Well If It Doesn't Ends Well
Typewriter Review (Netflix): Interesting Horror Tale With A Half Baked Finale

Time takes a leap and Jenny is back to her old home, Bardez Villa, with her family. Now Bardez Villa has a history of spooky incidents and Jenny has no clue about it. History starts repeating itself as there are deaths one after another.

Keeping eyes on everything are 4 kids Sam (Aarna Sharma), Nick (Aaryansh Malviya), Bunty (Palash Kamble), Satyajit(Mikhail Gandhi), a dog who have made a ghost club together and a cop Ravi Anand (Purab Kohli).


Writers Sujoy Ghosh & Suresh Nair have clearly used the Stranger Things template as the similarities between both Netflix’s webseries are uncanny. Now as an audience one doesn’t take the similarities very kindly because we have already seen Stranger Things and also because Typewriter in no way comes close to the impact the former had on the audience.

Things start on a very promising note and you expect this one to be great binge-watch material. As the web-series progresses it really keeps you hooked because the characters and scenes have been written in a very interesting way. At several points, it really scares you. The fact that ghost here can roam around and kill anyone in daylight too is something never seen before and keeps you interested. The back story of the ghost is a masterstroke and adds a new dimension to the overall value of the series. However, where it disappoints is the half-hearted and underwhelming finale.

Also, without sharing spoilers, I’d like to mention that the writers have very comfortably and unconvincingly saved one of their main characters from being killed by the ghost. Best thing the makers have done here is to keep the series short. They haven’t stretched it unnecessarily but have kept the room for Season 2.

But watch Typewriter for its performances.

Purab Kohli has been pitched as the protagonist of the series and he is very good in his role but there’s much more.

The kids especially Sam played by Aarna Sharma have shined throughout. They leave you impressed.

Palomi Ghosh as Jenny is very good. Her character has an intriguing value to it and she does her job finely.

Jisshu Sengupta as Amit Roy is the man of the series. He does a terrific job and proves that he is an actor of great talent.

Others lend good support. Elli AvrRam looks gorgeous as ever in this one.

Raja Narayan Deb‘s background music is gripping and adds to the value.

Sujoy Ghosh has given a good direction to the web series. He utilises all the art resources extremely well and creates an environment that makes you uncomfortable and feel scared for sure.

All in all, watch Typewriter for its performances and to know how teenagers are the stars of future content. With most of them consuming digital content every day, more filmmakers will write stories keeping them in mind as the central characters.

Miss it if you don’t like half-baked finales.

Rating: 2.5/5

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