Last Of Us Episode 1 Review

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Gabriel Luna, Nico Parker & ensemble.

Creator: Craig Mazin & Neil Druckmann. .

Director: Craig Mazin. .

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar (in India).

Language: English (with subtitles).

Runtime: Pilot Episode 81 Minutes.

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The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review: What’s It About:

Based on the popular game written by Neil Druckmann (also involved with the show), Last Of Us is a story about a town in Texas infected by a virus turning people into zombie-like monsters. A man now has a job to save himself and a little girl from the virus and also fight the world.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review: What Works:

A dystopian future with a family in the eye of it is a genre we all love to watch. The intrigue, curiosity, and fear it brings with it is thrilling and it all makes for a good watch. But when it is your favorite video game converted into a feature show and well with an entirely revamped atmosphere, the excitement goes notches higher. And Craig Mazin with Niel Druckmann makes sure they create a show so lucrative that even the pilot becomes the best in its league.

One has to focus on the credits before one jumps into watching Last Of Us. Neil Druckmann is known for making games with the theme that a player has a lot to save with no moral compass. It is his/hers decision in the moment that decides where he stands morally. Co-creator and director Craig Mazin who last made the most haunting dystopian show based on the real-life tragedy Chernobyl. The two combined manage to make a pilot that is equal amount visual spectacle and adrenaline rush together. The idea of not sticking to the Game storylines and take a few steps back to explain you better what is happening in this world.

The attempt is to not just focus on action like we love to in games, but also create an humane story out of it. Here’s a father who can go to any extent to save his family, but the ghost he is fighting to is much bigger than him or the mankind. So what does he do? He runs away with the ones he loves. And when destiny plays a reverse UNO, he is destroyed. But what pulls him back to conscious is the pilot.

The pilot is technically so strong that the camera keeps changing the gaze. You are at one point watching the same scene through Sarah’s perspective, in another it is the father’s. The camera is mostly hand handled and it creates the vibe that the viewer is on the journey.

(Pic Credit: Youtube)

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review: Star Performance:

Pedro Pascal over the last few projects has shown a range. He can do a whole lot of things and here he encapsulates a few into one. Joel Miller is a tough character to crack because he is a dotting father but also an assassin if he needs to be one. The first time he swings a weapon and kills someone, his daughter confronts him for a second and he is reminded of his fatherly instincts. The shuffle from a father to a defensive killer to a father is so brilliant.

Bella Ramsey is a culmination of every agitated teenager and is yet to bloom as a character. The future episodes are her tests and she has to prove herself. Rest everyone does their job well.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

I wish there was more Nico Parker. The character kind of was the emotional depth that the show set up in the first 20 minutes and also snatched her in the next 10. A decision too risky, but hope it is for the good.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Review: Last Words:

Last Of Us episode 1 is probably one of the best pilots in a very long time after House Of The Dragon. Go in and live in the sweet curiosity about what happens next Monday for 8 weeks now.


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