The White Lotus Season 2 Review
The White Lotus Season 2 Review ( Photo Credit – The White Lotus Season 2 Poster )

The White Lotus Season 2 Review (Episode 1-5): Star Rating:

Cast: Thoe James, Jennifer Coolidge, Eleonora Romandini, Beatrice Grannò, Adam DiMarco, Haley Lu Richardson, Will Sharpe, Simona Tabasco, Sabrina Impacciatore, Aubrey Plaza, & ensemble.

Creator: Mike White.

Director: Mike White.

Streaming On: Disney Plus Hotstar (In India).

Language: English.

Runtime: 7 Episodes Around 60 Minutes Each.

The White Lotus Season 2 Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From The White Lotus Season 2 )

The White Lotus Season 2 Review (Episode 1-5): What’s It About:

Taking ahead the concept of the White Lotus resort, a new set of guests join a couple of old ones. Relationships are again put to test, the inconsequential cries of the rich about their privilege are heard, plans are laid and the drama unfolds yet again!

The White Lotus Season 2 Review (Episode 1-5): What Works:

The season 1 of The White Lotus was about the wilderness of the elite and their problems that are as fickle and baseless as their egos. It was an in-depth interrogation of how the working class worships the ego and attitude of the elite and even promotes it to an extent where they feel it’s how the world is and a wrong lipstick shade can take away their lives. For the working class, the need to promote that cartoonish attitude is because their livelihood came from the pockets of the said elites. It was an ecosystem inside a plush resort and led to a nightmare of a day.

The season 2 stands true to that promise and lays yet another beautiful trap. Written directed and created by Mike White, I can only imagine what rollercoaster of a brain he possesses, The White Lotus 2 welcomes you with the beauty of the Italian landscape this resort set it. The salty air, the nicely spread greenery, the beaches decorated for the rich, the staff of the resort working in symmetry like robots, and a new managed who has taken over Armond. In the next 2 minutes a dead body washes off to the shore followed by some more, we don’t know the count, and the mirage is broken instantly.

Mike that pushes you back to the day when these now-dead people walked in and what happened. The best part about season 2 is that it shifts the perspective of the show but does not let the tone change at any cost. While Armond was the one through whom will saw the story unfolds in season 1, he died by the end of it while covering up the darkness in the well-lit alleys of the resort. So season 2 introduces two new characters from the marginalized world and makes them the eyes of the audience. Mia and Lucia are two s*x workers who try and lure men into the resort and earn big money from them. It is through them that you enter various rooms and the story of the one staying is revealed.

Watching Mike take a dig at the people with power is a treat. He almost first seduces you in the beauty of their existence and then shows you the hell that delves beneath. A woman with half a billion dollars is still not happy, a man with a beautiful wife and a whole lot of money still chooses to cheat on her because it’s ‘fun’, a sexist man and his song together look down at their grandson because he calls himself a feminist. So even when they have the world to their feet and money to keep it there, it is not a peaceful place to be. To tell you more he introduces a couple Ethan & Harper, who are freshly rich and trying to navigate through this world of having money. What is normal for them, let’s consider a honest relationship, is a virtue the old rich don’t even talk about anymore. Cameron played by Theo even says he has stopped watching the news with pride, so you know the elite are even clueless about their own world.

The visuals are a treat and you must not ignore but appreciate the hardwork that has gone into creating their seductive frames. The music combined with them it all intrigues and holds you even when the screenplay dips. The title video which is over a minute long is all kinds of amazing. Almost walk through a museum, it is one of the rare and most attention-worthy title sequences in the longest time.

The White Lotus Season 2 Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From The White Lotus Season 2 )

The White Lotus Season 2 Review (Episode 1-5): Star Performance:

These are actors who have had illustrious filmographies and great parts to play. They are not proving themselves here, but only adding another feather to their hats. Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya is incredible, while I do have some problems with her character development, the actor is just amazing in whatever she is given to do.

Theo James is convinced that he is a h*rny rich man who can do anything to get what’s his and also make people feel they are always under him. So is Will Sharpe, who is exactly the opposite and the only sane human on the show. Aubrey Plaza finally gets to portray a new shade and is such a good performer. It is she who brings the dilemma of trying to fit in or living a normal life alive. Want to see what the last two episodes have in store for her.

Beatrice Grannò and Simona Tabasco as Mia and Lucia are the winners of the season. Both the girls are so good at what they do that you are invested in where they go next all the time. Rest everyone does their job nicely and leaves no bad note.

The White Lotus Season 2 Review (Episode 1-5): What Doesn’t Work:

While season 2 stands true to what the show is, it also stops making a socio-economic commentary. Yes, Mia and Lucia are kind of an embodiment of have nots in the world full of haves, but their journey always ends on beds and there is not much spoken about. In the first season Armond massaged the egos so his business ran and that was such an intriguing story line, that it hit hard.

I understand I have only seen 5 episode and Mike White is used to keeping the best for the last, I hope this changes in the last two episodes. Also, what is all that nudity for. Almost every main character in season 2 has gone naked ones at least. It’s authentic and well all of them are hot, but the purpose remains unclear.

Apart from that, Tanya played by the amazing Jennifer Coolidge no longer has a goal. Her whining and throwing fit wherever she goes seems like a comic relief more than a substantial story line at this point. Because she first had a aim to rise above her grief and ego at the same time. Now she only exists.

The White Lotus Season 2 Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From The White Lotus Season 2 )

The White Lotus Season 2 Review (Episode 1-5): Last Words:

The White Lotus 2 stays true to what it promises and possibly will have even more in the last two episodes. It is about the elite who are fighting their own demons while turning into one themselves.

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