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Rennervations Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Vanessa Hudgens, Sebastián Yatra, Anil Kapoor & Anthony Mackie.

Creator: Zack Merck.

Director: Zack Merck & Rupert Smith.

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: English (with subtitle)

Runtime: 4 Episodes Around 50 Minutes Each.

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Rennervations Review: What’s It About:

Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner is known for his heart of gold. The actor who has used a share of his fortune only to help the world be a better place finally gets a docu-series that captures his journey of helping people across the globe have things they desire, and that he can fulfill. Fellow celebrities join him on this journey as they hop to four different countries this season.

Rennervations Review: What Works:

Jeremy Renner, over time, has become one of the best charmers Hollywood has ever created. The actor even became the Robin Hood figure when he recently put his life in danger only to protect someone else’s. At the right time, when audience was still celebrating the star for his selflessness and the many interviews that raved about him later, Disney decided to release a four-part series that only strengthened the phenomenon of the Robinhood Renner. But does it entertains? About that later.

Rennervations, apart from being a show about a massive star helping the underprivileged, also tries to tap into Jeremy’s equation with the people around him. His friendship with best friend Rory Millikin (executive producer and partner in crime). His report with the stars that he invites on board. His giant mansion, a music studio inside that, as per the show, houses the man who designed it. And also, the most significant fact is that he owns around 200 decommissioned government vehicles, four of which he uses in Rennervations.

Rennervations doesn’t evolve to be much of an entertainer, but one thing it gets right is finding the correct people. Renner’s team of fabricators and technicians also gets the spotlight. These aren’t just any other people but one that have seen some hard days. Like his fabricator, Merri Oswald took a dent in her memory and body movement after a very fatal accident. But she didn’t choose to spend the rest of her life in the wheelchair, but that the challenge of bouncing back to normal.

( Photo Credit – Still from Rennervations )

Rennervations Review: Star Performance:

Well, it’s a docu-series. No one is performing, at least we hope that.

Rennervations Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Rennervations helps four NGOs, including Big Brothers Big Sisters, The BASE Chicago, Uva Jagriti Sansthan, and Casa Hogar of Cabo San Lucas. While Jeremy modifying these vehicles and giving them looks all cool and fun. But there is no visual of the people actually using the vehicles after the handover was shot. We never really get into these organisations deeper enough to understand why and what makes the vehicle provided to them so much important.

The idea is to make these organisations popular and let people now help them rise. But if there is no dedicated segment in the entire episode that traces the said organisations, how are we supposed to root for them?

The four episodes get so repetitive that at third you definitely want to skip the first seven minutes, which are exactly the same for all four episodes. A Jeremy Renner interview, him explaining his initiative, a quick walk through the episode, the credit roll and then begins the show, which also somewhat follows that exact same theme for all the episodes.

Even with four very renowned celebrities entering the show, it never becomes entertaining enough. There are all the resources to make it one but the creators fail to use them well.

Rennervations Review: Last Words:

Rennervations is a reasonable effort by a celebrity who knows his responsibility. But it also lacks the material that could have made it an entertaining show.

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