Reacher Season 2 Review: Reacher Is Back With A New Case And A New Team In This Excellent Second Season
Reacher Season 2 Review(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Reacher Season 2 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Maria Sten, Serinda Swan, Shaun Sipos, Ferdinand Kinsley, and Robert Patrick.

Creator: Nick Santora

Director: Sam Hill

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Language: English

Runtime: 8 Episodes, Around 50 minutes each.

Reacher Season 2 Review: Reacher Is Back With A New Case And A New Team In This Excellent Second Season
Reacher Season 2 Review(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Reacher Season 2 Review: What’s It About:

Reacher Season 2 is the latest installment in Prime Video’s adaptation of the beloved character, written by Lee Child. The character has been around for decades, but just now, even after a couple of adaptations with Tom Cruise as the lead, Reacher is finally coming around, winning fans all over the world. In this new season, which adapts the novel “Bad Luck and Trouble,” we see Reacher meeting with the members of his old unit in the military as they work together to reveal a dreadful conspiracy that threatens to kill them all.

Reacher Season 2 Review: Script Analysis:

The Reacher books have been around for decades, and they keep selling and entertaining audiences around the world even to this day. There is something fascinating about the character of Reacher, an appeal that the TV series manages to translate very well to the small screen. We all want to be a hero of some kind, but not all of us have what it takes, and so, Reacher, being the pinnacle of confidence, seems to be someone worth watching.

The first material presented Reach as a character with an enormous moral compass, amazing intellect, and bad temper, the perfect recipe for a character to find trouble wherever he goes. The original source material, which is a novel titled “Bad Luck and Trouble” goes back and forth in time to reveal bits and pieces of Reacher during his military life, and how those experiences make the case he is working in the present so important to him and the rest of his team.

The mysterious aspect of the show is vital to make stories like this enjoyable. Everyone loves a good mystery plot, and seeing one being revealed in front of our eyes is even better. Towards the end, it might be that the mystery is not as compelling as it should be, but seeing everything resolved at the end leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. It is what happens in the novels, and it is what happens in the show.

The show takes the risk of revealing a bit too much information on Reacher, which is dangerous because being mysterious is part of his charm, and when you reveal a mystery, you have to understand that appeal will be gone. I believe that the show manages to create a very good balance between revealing more about Reacher, his desires and motivations while also keeping him at a distance, maintaining his look of the eternal wanderer or the Man with No Name from the classic Spaghetti Western films.

Reacher Season 2 Review: Reacher Is Back With A New Case And A New Team In This Excellent Second Season
Reacher Season 2 Review(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Reacher Season 2 Review: Star Performance:

Alan Ritchson has been grinding the Hollywood machine for a while, and while many people never make it, Ritchson never stops trying, finally landing a role that seems to be perfect for him. Everything I see him come on screen, he is physically impressive, which matches the descriptions of the character in the books in ways that Tom Cruise comically didn’t. Ritchson is Reacher, and Reacher is Ritchson. It seems like the perfect combination, and we can only hope that the show is successful enough to see him doing the role for a couple of years or more.

We know that the show will probably change main cast members, besides Ritchson, every single season, as it is the nature of the books, where every new one offers a brand-new story and brand-new situations for Reacher to deal with. However, it is very nice to see Maria Sten also coming back from season one. Sten is totally a match for Ritchson is terms of embodying her character. It is also quite fun seeing Domenick Lombardozzi, a The Wire alumni, appear in a role that is definitely a one-season deal.

Reacher Season 2 Review: Direction & Music:

Reacher is one of those shows that doesn’t really need a totally cohesive visual design, so having a couple of directors working on a couple of episodes at the time seems the best process to save time and money. Sam Hill returns from his work in season one and helps to set the mood and look of the second season, which is a lot more urban, with tons of buildings around the characters, when in comparison, the first season was more rural when talking about settings and characters.

The score composed by Tony Morales does the job, but these are not the most memorable pieces of music you have ever heard. Actually, we could say that the music stands in that very generic ground, with tons of ambiance and swells that get louder and louder each time something is about to happen. The music is not the best, but it is also not the worst, however, it would be so good if Reacher could have his own theme, just like the old cowboy movie gave to their main characters. Reacher is a modern Western, and it should be treated like it.

Reacher Season 2 Review: Last Words:

Reacher season two proves that the show was not a one-hit wonder. The writers and directors really have something here, something that could be huge if they play their cards well. The actors are doing a fantastic job embodying their characters, the mystery is compelling, at least at the beginning, and the rest of the departments do a solid job. Reacher might never be the most interesting show ever, but it is one of the most entertaining ones, and if that is its only objective, then the show is also one of the most successful shows currently on air.

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