Potluck Season 2 Review Out ( Photo Credit – Poster from Potluck Season 2 )

Potluck Season 2 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Cyrus Sahukar, Harman Singha, Ira Dubey, Jatin Sial, Kitu Gidwani, Saloni Patel, Siddhant Karnick, Shikha Talsania, Sonali Sachdev, Myrah Rajpal, Aashvi Negi, Mikaeel Bootwalaalong

Creator: Gaurav Lulla

Director: Rajshree Ojha

Streaming On: Sony Liv.

Language: Hindi.

Runtime: 8 Episodes Around 40 Minutes Each.

Potluck Season 2 Review Out ( Photo Credit – Still from Potluck Season 2 )

Potluck Season 2 Review: What’s It About:

The Shastris have now come a long way after the drama that unfolded when the kids realised Govind, their father was staging a fake heart disease to keep them all under one roof. Now the Potluck continues but this nuclear family now has never problems.

Potluck Season 2 Review: What Works:

A family on any landscape of the planet can be seen through multiple lenses and they all will give a different perspective. There are layers, dynamics, power equations, and the prominence of one individual around whom the entire household would revolve before we get on to love and bonds. Filmmakers have been trying to capture the same essence of it. Be it Zoya Akthar capturing the struggles of an elite family with Dil Dhadakne Do, or Shakun Batra entering our homes with his camera with Kapoor & Sons.

Season 1 of Potluck came in at a time when most of us were stranded in the constraints of our four walls with our families. It served as a light-hearted slice of life show that showed reflection to some and goals to many. It was a man trying his level best to not let his family break into a nuclear structure and even taking an extreme step for the same, messing things up even more. Now as the pandemic subsides, season 2 enters our life.

Written by Gaurav Lulla and Ashwin Lakshmi, and directed by Rajshree Ojha, the second season finds itself right when you think the family now has a solution because the family is now living in a nuclear structure, the ritual of Potluck continues every weekend, there is harmony and love while these couples navigate life. But that is not how life is right? Enter curve balls that kind of messes up lives.

The makers this time try to focus on the women of this world over the men that headlined the last time. It talks about how the mother has always been supportive of every decision the family members took without jinxing it but as soon as she decides to do something for herself there are opinions and the discussion doesn’t even have her say.

This season attempts to have some very intense conversations when it has its character doing an inner self-analysis as they try to seek self-worth, an aim, a balance, and even a purpose to live the rest of their battles. Yet this could be just above the surface view of a very elite family with no connection to the real world, but it is harmless and enjoyable. So if you can walk through how detached this little bubble is, you will enjoy it.

Potluck Season 2 Review Out ( Photo Credit – Still from Potluck Season 2 )

Potluck Season 2 Review: Star Performance:

Everyone continues to be the best as they were in the first season. Jatin Sial and Harman Singha stand out because they got the most tricky parts. Their characters could borderline just end up being comical but they save the day. Cyrus Sahukar is natural and he makes playing this part look effortless.

Kitu Gidwani as the mother of the camp gets to showcase her calibre even more because it becomes the central plot. As for Ira Dubey, Saloni Patel, the script kind of keeps them restricted to what they have already done. Shikha Talsania is more irritated and the part becomes organic as she makes it very believable.

Potluck Season 2 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

While one understands that the approach of the makers is to make this show a slice-of-life drama that is so consumed by what’s happening indoors that it doesn’t need problems from the outside. In doing so, it ends up being so detached from the real world that one is confused if they exist on the same planet as ours or not. Not letting the show walk on the streets in a good device but not even including a single element makes it all look too good to be true.

Even Sarabhai vs Sarabhai took the same route but the USP of that show was entirely different. When the narrative enters the phase where it wants to talk about humans and their battles with family, the product can’t be so cut off from the world outside the door.

Also, the final episode is too rushed and very hazily shot. One can see how hurriedly things were done and the fact that an entire beauty contest looks so made up is kind of an Irking element.

Potluck Season 2 Review: Last Words:

Potluck season 2 does progress in its own best way but there are problems one cannot ignore. It is a harmless watch that can make your day a bit joyous.

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