Pitchers Season 2 Review
Pitchers Season 2 Review Out ( Photo Credit – Pitchers Season 2 Poster )

Pitchers Season 2 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Abhay Mahajan, Arunabh Kumar, Riddhi Dogra, Abhishek Banerjee & ensemble.

Creator: Arunabh Kumar

Director: Vaibhav Bundhoo

Streaming On: Zee5

Language: Hindi (with subtitles)

Runtime: 5 Episodes Around 60 Minutes Each.

Pitchers Season 2 Review
Pitchers Season 2 Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From Pitchers Season 2 )

Pitchers Season 2 Review: What’s It About:

After managing to bring their dream into reality, the group of friends who call themselves ‘Pitchers’ manage to finally create their very own start-up. Named Pragati AI, the start-up has created a massive buzz but there is also a dent in the friendship where Jitu is absent and the rest three are now running the show. We meet them seven years later we meet them at a time of crisis and there is new challenge for them to face.

Pitchers Season 2 Review: What Works:

2015 was the year when India majorly understood the power of the digital medium and how there is an audience that craves content beyond the commercial cinema or the art house. Something that lies in between the two, in the land relatable and more closer to home. TVF catered to the same and became the game changer who introduced the country to more youthful content with subjects the young population was facing. Born was Pitchers that created a storm of sorts and taught us the world of start-ups. It took the makers seven years to come up with a sruqpr but they are here.

Arunabh Kumar as a writer has been an ultimate favourite only for the fact that he doesn’t venture out into the lands far away to find his story but writes about his neighbour. Something that is maybe happening in his next room or house or society. And this is the same society we all live in too, so it is Kumar writing a story about us. Everything that has come out of his pen till now has managed to connect with the audience mostly.

So now when he decides to write the second season of one of his top three celebrated shows, he will, of course, indulge in the material and try to focus on the smallest of the detail about the eco-system he is venturing into. Being an entrepreneur who has set up a company that of course began as a start-up, Pitchers for the most of it feels very personal to him. The fact that he even plays the father figure amongst the gang adds more. The season 2 of Pitchers is less emotional and more technical. That doesn’t mean there are no emotions, but not like the first season. It is now more inside a modern corporate office and less outside. Because they aren’t the pitchers from season one.

As a whole, the second season delves into the core of building a start-up. The struggle is now not convincing a family, there is no secondary world for that matter. The challenges are more mechanic. But Kumar manages to bring some aching heart to it by the second half of the season. He stages a fight amongst the main gang and the way he decides to make a truce between them hits the goal.

Pitchers Season 2 Review
Pitchers Season 2 Review Out ( Photo Credit – A Still From Pitchers Season 2 )

Pitchers Season 2 Review: Star Performance:

Naveen Kasturia has now done a Ph.D. in playing man-child characters. Just like Aspirants, even here he thinks he is always right and against the world. He manages to bring newness to his Navin here though. With the most amount of screen time, he doesn’t falter at portraying the part.

Arunabh Kumar as Yogi is playing a real-life version of himself. Even when he doesn’t face the camera often, there is an ease in how he performs, and he not for a moment makes himself look like a less experienced actors than the other present. Abhay Mahajan gets to play the most layered part. For someone who was kind of the most naive character in the first season has to be a responsible man co-running a start-up that talks about money in billions. He gets to show the most visible transition and he does it well.

Riddhi Dogra in the limited screen time does a good job and I hope there is much more for her in the next season.

Pitchers Season 2 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Pitchers Season 2 is more is a bird’s eye view of the story and less of an emotional exploration of the characters. While there is a lot to learn about the start-up culture and surviving in it, the personal journeys of the people we connected to in the first season takes the back seat entirely. This results in the former part feeling preachy in many parts. The fact that Jitu’s storyline is completely missing adds more to the void. It was his story and journey that added most of the emotional depth to this world, so it does affect him in a very big manner.

Now the aforementioned point kind of also affects the entire conflict of the show. The major ones and the few smaller ones around are raised, but they never affect a viewer to an extent where you want to get inside the screen and help them. Because you haven’t yet invested much emotionally to do that. That was a unanimous feeling that season one managed to churn out.

Also, more research could have churned out a better way to include influencers in the script than how it’s done now. Looks forced.

Pitchers Season 2 Review
Pitchers Season 2 Review ( Photo Credit – A Still From Pitchers Season 2 )

Pitchers Season 2 Review: Last Words:

There is everything that we missed in the last seven years about Pitchers, but the emotions we connected to are highly missing.

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