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Physics Wallah Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Shreedhar Dubey, Radha Bhatt, Anurag Thakur, Ishika Gagneja & ensemble.

Creator: Abhishek Dhandharia

Director: Abhishek Dhandharia

Streaming On: Amazon Mini TV.

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Runtime: 6 Episodes Around 60 Minutes Each.

( Photo Credit – Still from Physics Wallah )

Physics Wallah Review: What’s It About:

Based on the real-life story of Alakh Pandey, Physics Wallah explores his life from the time the germ of providing accessible and affordable education to all till he successfully scales the top and becomes the masses’ favourite.

Physics Wallah Review: What Works:

The education system has turned out to be a mine of varied story angles and possibilities ever since TVF taught the world that this setup can look appealing on the screen too. Every possible platform has tried its hands on the genre but no one has even come close to what TVF has managed to do time and again. Adding one more show to the list of failures in trying to crack something resembling The Kota Factory is Physics Wallah.

The premise of Physics Wallah falls very close to the Jitendra Kumar starrer show where a talented man is standing against the system and trying to educate children regardless of their economical status or the greed of hefty fees. The difference is that the Amazon Mini TV show is based on a real-life story. And the sad part is that the makes create a banal show out of a story that is so lucrative and inspiring. Go and read about Alakh Pandey on the Internet and you will see.

Written by Sameer Mishra with creator Abhishek Dhandharia, Physics Wallah walks in from the door with an aspiration to become the biopic of man who rose above the ashes and tried to become the Robinhood of sorts. More like what Vikas Bahl successfully did with Super 30 (I personally didn’t like that one too, but it did work for the masses). But the said show ends up looking like a caricature while it is supposed to be a motivating tale of dedication and persistence.

The loopholes are so wide open and clear that one doesn’t need to be an expert. Alakh Pandey is a real-life person with real-world problems. He hasn’t lived a life according to episodes where one doesn’t affect the other at all. Problems occur in Alakh’s life and are solved in minutes showing you the convenience the makers are prioritising. There is no recurring thread to connect things from start to end but short stories. The realism is lost at the point where people are either good or bad and Alakh has no single flaw in him. Or at least isn’t highlighted to make him a more believable human.

Also, who writes an entire show just around one character when the rest 6 or 7 have no life beyond the protagonist even for a minute. 6 hours and no other character has their separate conflict, dynamic, or even a job to conduct beyond Alakh. Everyone has dedicated their lives to this man who is just angry for no reason and not even paying them half of the time. Yeah, a friend is in Merchant navy probably, but he is given a physics class when he decides to talk about his experience. A scene so silly and forced that you can see the pretentiousness clearly.

( Photo Credit – Still from Physics Wallah )

Physics Wallah Review: Star Performance:

I am surprised how convinced Shreedhar Dubey is about this material. He dedicated himself completely to a show that has him and only him in the frame throughout the runtime. But what can he do with his dedicated act when the foundation itself is weak? To further dilute his effort they add a beard that looks prosthetic and restricts his lip movement to an extent where his signature shout is dubbed and doesn’t synch with his lip and body movement at all. And this is at least 5 times, so you can’t even ignore it.

Rest everyone is a one-tone character that serves the main man.

Physics Wallah Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Abhishek Dhandharia as a director shapes the show in a very plain narrative. His concern is to reach from point A to B without actually enjoying the journey. This results in a very boring structure which feels more like a snooze fest than a motivational tale.

Physics Wallah Review: Last Words:

Physics Wallah is weak at the very base and nothing can be done after that. Watch Aspirants on YouTube instead.


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