Let’s put the record straight, Sumrit Shahi’s book Never Kiss Your Best Friend was my guilty pleasure back in the day and I was 15 then ( I have evolved fam, I have evolved). Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh starrer Never Kiss Your Best Friend (NKYBF) is an adaptation of the ‘bestselling’ novel by the same name that is the staple drama with an Ae Dil Hai Mushkil hangover to it but will have its audience that looks for such content.

What’s Never Kiss Your Best Friend about?

As the title clearly suggests, it is about a kiss that ruins things (No, it isn’t bad breath, No). Sumer and Tanie or Tiny as he calls her, come together by the universe’s plan, they become best of friends and their friendship flourishes. Almost a couple but not a couple, Sumer and Tanie go through many situations until a rush of hormones makes them kiss each other. What follows is self-guilt, more mistakes and a crack that is filled only with time. Will they meet? Will they date each other? Everything is answered right away.

Disclaimer: In the books, NKUBF was a sequel to Sumrit’s earlier book Just Friends. Yes, I have enlightened you.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review: Nakuul Mehta & Anya Singh Starrer Is A Staple Drama With An Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Hangover To It
Never Kiss Your Best Friend Review: Nakuul Mehta & Anya Singh Starrer Is A Staple Drama With An Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Hangover To It

What’s Good:

First thing first, NKUBF is not for everyone, it has an audience who love such trajectories (And I am not saying it in an Imtiaz Ali way, consider it Luv Ranjan). For the audience who love cheese and vanilla onscreen have a series to binge on this week.

The show is based on a book and the screenplay is written by two authors who have mastered in narrating romance, Durjoy Datta and Sumrit himself. So let’s first address the writing. Thank god the writers did not choose to portray any of the characters in turmoil or marinating in self-pity which has lately become a favourite amongst vanilla romance content.

They create two characters which are headstrong on the same levels and are aware of what they are doing. Brownie points.

Nakuul as Sumer for a whole lot of time seems to be imitating Ranbir from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, but when he sidetracks from it and does something that is different, he shines out. Anya as Tanie is impressive in parts and good throughout.

Special mention to the actor who plays Tanie’s mother, she is one character that I would want to sit and gossip with about our neighbours in London. Sad that IMDb has no information about the cast except Nakuul and Anya.

What Doesn’t Work:

Nakuul trying to pull off Ranbir transfers you to the already strong Karan Johar universe and takes you away from this story, a set design that is based around London adds on to the transfer. All the things make it look like an Ae Dil Hai Mushkil hangover.

Tanie and Sumer meet and become friends within 5 minutes in a montage with a song in the background. How will I invest if you do not let me have a small brief look into how they became so inseparable.

Anya breaking the fourth wall quite often looks repetitive after a time and stops adding anything to the experience. Maybe a bit less would have been sufficing.

Final Verdict:

NKUBF is not a series that will shatter you or educate or haunt you for that matter. It is a breezy watch only if you enjoy a particular breeze. Watch it if you are a fan of watching two almost adults dancing around London under the influence of alcohol. Watch to see what makes them fall in love. Also, there’s an airport parting scene too, I don’t know whose Bollywood fantasy that was.

Star Rating: 2 Stars

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