Kumari Srimathi Review ( Photo Credit: YouTube )

Kumari Srimathi Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Nithya Menen, Prem Sagar, Gautami, Nirupam Paritala

Creator: Srinivas Avasarala

Director: Gomtesh Upadhye

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Language: Telugu (with subtitles).

Runtime: 7 Episodes, Around 45 Minutes Each.

Kumari Srimathi Review ( Photo Credit: YouTube )

Kumari Srimathi Review: What’s It About:

Kumari Srimathi (Nithya), a girl in her late 20s, aims to take back her ancestral home that was snatched by her evil uncle, and he intends to sell it. It belongs to her grandfather, who once told her to protect it at any cost. She then struggles to open a bar and collect money to pay her uncle so he gives her the ownership of the house.

Kumari Srimathi Review: Script Analysis:

Simple stories about people living in small towns with dreams that include a house and saving it is always a treat. Because it is not the world they are saving, but just their nest, and that means the universe to them. It is us who we kind of watch on the screen. So when Siri is struggling to get back the mansion that belongs to her ancestors and should be preserved, you see a lot of your parents or maybe yourself who have had battles similar to this. So when she goes on that war, you are very much on the same page with her. The job of the filmmaker now is to keep you on board. Does he manage to? Let’s dissect.

Based on a story by Balabhadrapatruni Ramani and Mallik Ram, Kumari Srimathi is a show about a girl who is outspoken in a village that wants her married soon because her clock is ticking. Soon enough, she decides to open a bar, which adds to her visits to the government office, where people are confused about her name because somebody chose a name that means ‘Married’ for a girl who doesn’t see adding Mrs to her name as the end goal.

With a very simplistic approach in writing, creator Gomtesh Upadhye, with writers Uday Aghamarshan, Jayanth Tadinada, and Kaushik Subrahmanya, aims to tell a story of a girl who dreams big in a setup that believes the taboos and restrictions set for women by the patriarchal world. The show doesn’t want to be one that is busy shouting at the top of its voice, but easy. Even when its protagonist decides to open a bar in her picturesque town, the tone never becomes that of destruction but is always smooth and welcoming.

The time the show dips is when the soap opera-like twists start to come the audience’s way. Also, the structure keeps a very visual barrier between the two sequences of the show. The battle for the ancestral home and grind to open the bar never becomes one, even when the success of both very much depends on each other. Instead, the court part of the story takes a back seat for most of the second half of the show.

Kumari Srimathi Review ( Photo Credit: YouTube )

Kumari Srimathi Review: Star Performance:

Nithya Menen holds the show on her able shoulders so firmly. Her charm is irresistible and holds the show even in the most shaky moments. It is such a privilege to see three strong women holding their own in three different shows this week. Menen with her brilliant screen presence in Kumari Srimathi, Wamiqa Gabbi, and her phenomenal fourth wall-breaking skills in Charlie Chopra, Monika Panwar with her guns shooting the crap out of patriarchy in Choona. We deserve more of them and others who are substantial.

However, Kumari Srimathi does fail to create a layered world for the rest of the characters. Only the mother gets some depth and is used pretty well in the last couple of episodes. Her pain is felt and works well.

Kumari Srimathi Review: Direction & Music:

Gomtesh Upadhye’s direction is simple and effective in parts. He relies a lot on his actors, though. However, there are also some shaky bits in the show, and that do make the product a bit weak. The music is indeed very soothing and will have a decent shelf-life in playlists. Even the Hindi versions of these songs land well. I wish Upadhye could have explored Siri’s relationship with the men around her through his lens. There was scope for a Fleabag kind of drama, and it feel like a missed opportunity.

Kumari Srimathi Review: Last Words:

Kumari Srimathi has flaws, but it is Nithya Menen’s charm that makes you walk past them. Go for this simple tale when you are looking for a slice-of-life watch.

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