Knock Knock Knock Review (Short Film): A Compelling Tale Of Trying To Fit In!
Knock Knock Knock Review (Short Film): A Compelling Tale Of Trying To Fit In!

Sometimes, you don’t need 2 hours to give our a strong message. That’s exactly what Sudhanshu Saria’s Knock Knock Knock has done in 38 minutes. The title might suggest that it’s a fun movie with the standard door joke, well it’s not.

Knock Knock Knock stars Shantilal Mukherjee and Phuden Sherpa in the leas roles. In fact, the entire short film is focused on these two nameless characters. Set in Darjeeling, the story starts with an curious tone, then becomes breezy and ends on a shocking note.


Talking about the plot, Shantilal Mukherjee’s character, a man in his 60s, is sitting at a cafe,busy making his crossword puzzles. Phuden Sherpa plays a 22-year-old curious tattoo artist who is impressed with Mukherjee’s skills of creating puzzles and knowing how everything fits well in it. Sherpha’s character tries ro strike a conversation with Mukherjee who is quite reluctant to entertain him. However, when the tattoo artist shows his deep interest in puzzles, the balance and perfection in life, the quench to fit in, the old man trusts him enough to have carrying on the chat.

While watching the short film, you are given a sense of feeling and understanding how both the characters are alike, yet completely different. Phuden Sherpa is open to life, new challenges and keen to learn; but Shantilal Mukherjee seems like a person who is not welcome to change in life. He has a certain pattern and doesn’t want any disturbance in it. So what happens when these two alike yet contrasting personalities collide? How are they trying to fit in the world like all of us with what they have to offer? Well, the film’s climax startles you while answering these questions.

Talking about the story, Sudhanshu Saria presents a compelling tale of people craving to fit in. The short film comes across intense, fun and yet gives you a taste of psychological thriller in between. The dialogues are kept simple, but have deep meaning set beside them. One has to keenly observe the surroundings too while enjoying the conversation our protagonists have.

Overall, Knock Knock Knock is a good watch. It’s deep, meaningful and has no knock-knock jokes. However, not everyone can grasp the underlying message beneath this tale of two people trying to fit it. At least, not in one go. But give it a try to understand how all of us are the pieces of the same puzzle.

The short film releases on Mubi on September 15.

Koimoi Rating: 3.5/5

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