Forbidden Love - Anamika Review: Works Due To Solid Twist In The Tale!
Forbidden Love – Anamika Review: Works Due To Solid Twist In The Tale! (Photo Credit -IMDB )

With OTT finding firm footing, experiments are the order of the day. Anthologies have already started gaining steam. After Lust Stories, there was also Ghost Stories earlier this year. Now on ZEE5, there is an anthology Forbidden Love of four romantic thrillers helmed by reputed directors. Two of these short films, lasting around 30-40 minutes each, are now out digitally. Let’s take a look at the second story, Anamika.


Being in a marriage and falling in love with another guy, who is also talented as well as charming at the same time; well, that’s indeed a forbidden fruit that does look quite delicious from a distance. However what happens when an extra marital relationship turns out to be a reality and it seems like there is a point of no return already? Or perhaps there is a way after all?

In Lust Stories, there was one such triangle explored when Manisha Koirala fell in love with Jaideep Ahlawat despite being married to Sanjay Kapoor. In Anamika, this happens with Pooja Kumar who, after experiencing boredom at home, courtesy her ever-so-busy lawyer husband Harsh Chhaya, gets attracted to a boy 10 years younger to her, Aditya Seal. It’s Rs. 900 unpaid bill followed by a Rs. 45000 worth ring kept ‘girvi’ that gets the woman, a billing counter manager at a posh bakery, get into a romantic liaison with a well-to-do diploma student from Himachal Pradesh who wooes her with ‘ghar ki chai’ and ‘curry’.

It is good to see Priyadarshan return to making a Hindi film, even though this one is a short film. There are some trademark touches of the director that you do see, especially when it comes to conversations that are set in a realistic set up. Pooja Kumar is a complete natural and while she also looks quite gorgeous as an Indian woman, one wonders whether her dialogue delivery has been touched upon a little. Aditya Seal has a star quality to it, something that he has shown in every outing of his, and it is good to see him in meaty role here. There are just 2-3 scenes featuring Harsh Chhaya though and challenging considering the fact that he was so high impact in Undekhi that released few weeks back, one can’t have enough of him.

There are a couple of hints thrown around though when it comes to the way the story would culminate. There is an indication of that around the pre-climax as well. However, the climax does take you by surprise, and the good thing is that you can connect the dots with the very first scene. This is what you actually like the most which further reaffirms the hold that Priyadarshan has on the medium.

All in all, though Forbidden Love – Anamika has a rather conventional beginning, it is the concluding minutes which bring in a solid twist in the tale that make one look at it in an altogether different light.

Do give this one a watch!

Koimoi Rating: 3/5.

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