Away Review: There's Less Space For 'Space' In This Netflix Sci-Fi Show Starring Hilary Swank
Away Review: There’s Less Space For ‘Space’ In This Netflix Sci-Fi Show Starring Hilary Swank

Away Review: Star Cast: Hilary Swank, Josh Charles, Talitha Bateman, Ray Panthaki, Vivian Wu, Mark Ivanir, Ato Essandoh

Directors: David Boyd, Charlotte Brändström, Bronwen Hughes, Jet Wilkinson, Edward Zwick

Creator: Andrew Hinderaker

Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

Streaming On: Netflix

Away Review: What’s The Story? And How’s The Screenplay?

Away is the story of an American astronaut, Emma Green who along with a few international astronauts goes for the first Mission Mars for humans. Emma who is a commander of the mission is struggling to stay apart from her husband and daughter. While the story is about her emotional and ambitious journey, it also focusses on other astronauts Ram, Lu, Misha & Kwesi, their journey, personalities and background.

If you are planning to watch Away while thinking that this is a pure sci-fi show, then you must carefully continue reading. While the show has a backdrop of space travel, it’s not just sci-fi. In fact, a large part of the show deals with human emotions, romance and drama.

Taking humans to Mars has been a long-standing dream which is yet to be fulfilled in reality. While watching a show like Away, as a viewer you look forward to witnessing the breathtaking journey from Earth to Mars. So, it’s natural to feel a little disappointed while watching this show which doesn’t mostly focus on that aspect. However, you have to understand that it never promised just that.

The 8 hours + long show has a gripping narrative. It’s not a slow burner! Instead, it manages to catch your attention from the first episode only. If the show offers you drama and emotions, it fulfils its promise. You genuinely relate to the feelings of all the astronauts and understand that more than heroes going for a larger than life mission, they are humans. You understand their vulnerabilities and also the fact that no matter how difficult you think something is, nothing is bigger than your resilience.

But it’s not like, sci-fi is just a limited element of the show. Expect it to be a backdrop of the show and you will be very much satisfied. As the show takes you for a long journey, it tells you about every challenge that an astronaut faces while in space. If nothing else, it makes you understand how tough it’s to be an astronaut.


However, it could’ve been short. There are so many points where the show drags and you want it to move briskly.

Away Review: There's Less Space For 'Space' In This Netflix Sci-Fi Show Starring Hilary Swank
Away Review: There’s Less Space For ‘Space’ In This Netflix Sci-Fi Show Starring Hilary Swank

Away Review: How Are The Performances & Direction?

Hilary Swank gives a very good performance as Emma Green. If she is apt in the role of commander astronaut, she nails the emotions of a wife and a mother as well. Vivian Wu is impressive as Chinese astronaut Lu. She has an interesting character play and does justice to it. Mark Ivanir is also really good as Russian astronaut Misha. Ray Panthaki as ISRO scientist Ram is good and so is Ato Essandoh as botanist Kwesi.

Josh Charles as Emma’s husband Matt and chief engineer of NASA does well and Talitha Bateman as Emma and Matt’s daughter is fine.

Directors have also done a good job in making the show a delightful watch. It looks visually good and has some really fascinating shots. I just wish there were more of them.

Away Review: Final Verdict

Don’t Stay ‘Away’ from this latest Netflix show. Just watch its episodes day by day. I won’t call it a binge-watch worthy.

Rating: 3 stars

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