Vicky Donor is about a young, jobless man who becomes a regular sperm donor at the insistence of an infertility doctor. He makes a lot of money but decides to stop donating sperm when he falls in love and marries a girl. What happens when his wife finds out that he was a sperm donor? Find out in the full review.

Vicky Donor Movie Review
Vicky Donor Movie Review

Rating: (3/5) Three stars

Star cast: Ayushmaan Khurrana, Annu Kapoor, Yami Gautam, Dolly Ahluwalia, Kamlesh Gill.

What’s Good: The novelty and sensitive treatment of the subject; the comedy; the performances.

What’s Bad: The second half, which plays out like an ordinary love drama; the lack of tear jerking moments.

Verdict: Vicky Donor is an entertaining fare.

Loo break: A couple, especially in the climax.

Watch or Not?:Watch it to have a good laugh but beware that the film has parts that won’t go down well if you are a conservative person.

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JA Entertainment, Rampage Motion Pictures, Rising Suns Films and Eros’ Vicky Donor is about a young man who turns sperm donor to make some money.

When Dr. Baldev Chaddha (Annu Kapoor), an infertility expert in Delhi, spots Vicky Arora (Ayushmaan Khurrana), he gets a gut feeling that he has found his ideal sperm donor. Chaddha is plagued by demanding couples who want sperms of a certain ‘successful’ type of person. So when after much persuasion Vicky agrees to donate sperm for testing, Chaddha is delighted to find out that Vicky’s sperm is very much fertile, just as he had predicted.

Vicky, on the other hand agrees to keep donating sperm for money, even though he is scared of his widowed mother, Dolly (Dolly Ahluwalia), and the society finding out about his clandestine occupation. However, the loads of money he makes by being a prolific sperm donor gives him the opportunity to not find a job, shop as much as he wants, party endlessly and buy gifts for his mother and grandmother (Kamlesh Gill). He is happy.

All is well till Vicky falls in love with Ashima Roy (Yami Gautam), a bank employee. He woos Ashima and soon they both fall in love with each other. In spite of Ashima being a divorcee, and both their parents being against the inter-community marriage, they finally get married and live happily. Even their families come closer.

However, when Ashima finds out that she will never be able to conceive a child, she is devastated. She also discovers that Vicky was a sperm donor and leaves him to go to her father’s place in Kolkata as he had not told her the truth before their marriage. There is more trouble in store for Vicky as he is arrested for having taken black money (as fees from Dr. Chaddha). His mother and grandmother also find out about his sperm donation and are ashamed of it.

What happens next? Does Vicky get out of his troubles? Does Dr. Chaddha help him? Does Ashima forgive Vicky? Are they able to have a normal family life? The rest of the film answers these questions.

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Vicky Donor Review: Script Analysis

Juhi Chaturvedi’s story is novel and interesting. Her screenplay is very entertaining in the first half and makes for a fun watch. The eccentricities of the unusual Delhi migrant family, the Aroras, make for good entertainment. The scenes where Vicky bumbles around in life, where Dr. Chaddha chases him incessantly, where his mother and grandmother sit down for their end-of-day drinks, are all very funny. Vicky’s wooing of Ashima is cute, as are the scenes where the two families interact before and during the marriage.

What does not work, to a certain extent, is the latter part of the second half, which starts to play out like a regular love drama. Ashima’s estrangement, Vicky’s despair and the ‘happy ending’ climax are just not predictable but also boring to a certain extent. The crucial scene in which Ashima questions Vicky as to why he has not undergone tests to clear the fact that is he not infertile, stands out like a sore thumb. The drama lacks scenes that might bring tears to the viewer’s eyes. Besides, Vicky’s character endears himself to the audience but they do not necessarily root for him. The orthodox among the audiences will also enjoy the film to an extent, but they might not like the basic plot, which deals with a social taboo.

Vicky Donor Review: Star Performances

Ayushmaan Khurrana makes a confident debut. He is easy on the eyes, endearing and extremely natural. His comic timing and accent are perfect for the role. Annu Kapoor, as Dr. Baldev Chaddha, impresses. His constant nagging at Vicky irritates not just Vicky but the audience too! Yami Gautam is a looker and she performs ably as Ashima Roy. She does alright in the emotional scenes. Dolly Ahluwalia (as Dolly) is a delight to watch. Her interactions with Kamlesh Gill (Vicky’s grandmother) are one of the highlights of the film. Others offer good support.

Vicky Donor Review: Direction & Technical Aspects

Director Shoojit Sircar makes a narrative which is fresh and entertaining. He must be praised for his sensitive and sensible handling of the subject of sperm donation. However, if he could have made the latter half of the drama less predictable and more impactful, the film might have turned out much better. Abhishek-Akshay’s music is memorable. The lyrics are fine. Bishwadeep Chatterjee’s background score is delightful. Kamaljeet Negi’s cinematography is fine. Editing, by Shekhar Prajapatim, is alright.

Vicky Donor Review: The Last Word

On the whole, Vicky Donor is an entertaining fare. Go for it!

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  1. Awesome movie…Novel concept…Great entertainment…superb performances..Perfect direction and screenplay…on the whole 5/5.

  2. dis type movies were made in hollywood yrs ago we r still considering it good for us or bad…
    i think we need dis type of movies becoz we can see from da colledction dat youngsters hav different view abt dis whole ideas…
    plz made movies of dis type for a different section coz we lyk dis movies….
    we can see the results of delhi belly vicky donor,char din ki chandani etc


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