Queen Of Sajjangarh Trailer is Out Now
Queen Of Sajjangarh Is A Horror Film Set In Lockdown (Photo Credit: YouTube/THRILLING WAVES FILMS MUSIC)

Indian films’ and OTT fans have a special place in the heart for horror films. In the recent past, they have showered love on films like Haunted, 1920, Raaz 3, Ghost Stories, Bulbbul and others. And now intended to do the same, Mahaveer Shringi’s Queen Of Sajjanpur is releasing soon.

The trailer of the film is out and it promises a scary ride set during the lockdown. It’s a story of 6 friends who find themselves stuck in a haunted place called Sajjangarh amid lockdown. Although the story doesn’t have anything new to offer. We have already seen so many films based on a small town or village being haunted by a ghost. What makes it different is that it has been set in lockdown.

The trailer also promises a lot of skin show and hotness so the suckers of erotic content are surely in for a treat. However, the film lacks the charm and appeal as far as presentation is concerned. The content looks half-baked and the cast seems to be hamming. Watch the trailer below:

Mahaveer Shringi, the director of the film, also plays an important character in Queen Of Sajjangarh. The film also stars Rajesh Dubeay, Priya Mishra,  Ajit Pandit, Shivangi Sharma, Palak Singh, Alivira Rana, Vaibhav Chauhan, Abhijeet Ghadge, Sanket Ranadive, Mazid Khan and Pramod Saini.

Earlier in an interview with us, Mahaveer Shringi shared that he believes that now is the time for filmmakers to up their game! “The audience is happy to be watching a 70mm film on their mobile screens. Even actors who looked at the Television as a step down from the movies are marking their foray into the digital world. Television has taken a step back now,” he said while adding, “We have ample stars in our country but what we, as an industry, need to work on is the content. It is time we get good writers and directors on board because they form the head and the heart of a film. If we compromise on the content, films will soon become a dying art form in our country as is the case with several nations.”

Are you looking forward to Queen Of Sajjangarh? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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