OMG 2 Trailer Review
OMG 2 is set for an August 11, 2024, release ( Photo Credit – Youtube )

The idea of having an atheist fight against belief and self-proclaimed prophets of God while touching upon the subjects of superstition, consumerism, and a many other things, ultimately becoming a believer himself, but an aware one turned out to be a plot that took the audience by storm. It was indeed a tricky subject that, in the hands of a lesser seasoned team, could have gone abysmally wrong. With its success, entered the confidence for a sequel, and now we witness the trailer of OMG 2.

Retaining Akshay Kumar the God (Lord Shiva this time), OMG 2 replaces Paresh Rawal’s atheist Kanji with Pankaj Tripathi’s highly spiritual and religious Kanti, OMG 2 taps into a different orbit where it isn’t a non-believer questioning the existence of a supreme power, but him seeking his help to fight a case against the education system.

The trailer gives us the idea that Pankaj’s son faces some kind of bullying because of his doings which leads to Tripathi moving to the court against the school. He seeks help from God, and Akshay Kumar appears as lord Shiva. The crux of the OMG franchise seems to be intact in OMG 2. The canvas this time around is a lot bigger and broader than the first, signifying that the production house is more confident about this one.

What works the best here is Pankaj Tripathi and his art of curating entertainment, in significantly less. This seems to be yet another balanced performance that is away from theatrics and relying on the world and playing with it more than just focusing on oneself. Akshay Kumar works well in special appearances, and An Action Hero was a shining example. Though he is an active part of OMG 2, he seems to be the god who makes appearances like in the first. This will indeed be an interesting character. Yami Gautam only gets two scenes in the trailer, and the hint is that she might serve as the antagonist here.

The music album seems to be one that will sync well with the pop culture demand in India. Overall, OMG 2 seems promising from the trailer, and we hope it retains in the film too, when it releases.

Pankaj Tripathi & Akshay Kumar starrer is set for an August 11, 2023 release. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

Catch The Trailer Here: 

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