Script and Screenplay

The film, inspired by the Hollywood film, Space Jam, has a thin, fairy-tale like story which is alright for a cartoon film. But the problem is that such stories do not appeal to the Hindi film audience which is used to watching films replete with masala and with only live characters. Therefore, it is not as if Kireet Khurana and Raagi Bhatnagar have written a weak story and screenplay. But their fairly nice script will not find too many takers among the audiences. There is one weak point in the screenplay – and that is, the base of the story is not too strong. Aditya wanting to prove a point to his son and getting an opportunity to do so just by chance, that too, so soon after the son had insulted Aditya, doesn’t ring true. The first half is dull while the second half is fairly interesting. Mubeen Farooqi’s dialogues complement the story and screenplay.

Ameya Pandy, Chinky Jaiswal, Kajol (Toonpur Ka Superrhero Movie Still)

Star Performances

Ajay Devgan acts ably. Kajol also performs very well. Amey Pandya leaves a mark. Chinky Jaiswal does a fair job. Delnaaz Paul, Raza Murad, Mukesh Tiwari, Tanuja, Shereveer Vakil and Satish Sharma lend the desired support, all in brief roles. Sanjay Dutt’s commentary lends some star appeal.

Direction, Cinematography and Music

Kireet Khurana’s direction is quite nice. Animation work (by 2nz Animation, Pixion and Maya Animation Studios) is very good. Nirmal Jani’s cinematography is eye-pleasing. Jack Gill’s stunts are nice. Music (Anu Malik) is okay. Kumaar and Munna Dhiman’s lyrics ought to have been better.


The Last Word

On the whole, Toonpur Ka Superrhero is an average entertainer but its chances at the box-office aren’t too bright because the audience is not used to enjoying animation characters. Its poor start is another impediment in its box-office business.





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