The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi) Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a half stars)

Star Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sanjay Mishra, Shreyas Talpade, Shernaz Patel, Achint Kaur, Neha Gargawa

Director: Jon Favreau

The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Shah Rukh Khan Makes You Miss Him More!
The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Shah Rukh Khan Makes You Miss Him More!

What’s Good: The decision of choosing Hindi version over English, surpasses the expectations when it comes to technicalities, leaves you stunned with its flawless 3D effects

What’s Bad: WE KNOW EVERYTHING! Needed better lyrics for the songs (Hindi) as it’s a musical

Loo Break: Only if you’re about to piss your pants!

Watch or Not?: Watch it considering someone is brave enough to restore a classic of this level!

User Rating:

Did I take the risk of missing ‘The Circle Of Life’ in the intro scene just to listen to Shah Rukh Khan as Mufasa? Yes, I did. Starting with an Armaan Malik song, we see Mufasa ruling the savanna as Rafiki introduces Simba to the Pride Lands. Simba, in the eagerness of knowing life too soon, gets manipulated by his Uncle Scar (Ashish Vidyarthi) and ultimately leaves the kingdom.

On his quest of nothingness, Simba meets the ‘care-free’ Timon (Shreyas Talpade) and Pumbaa (Sanjay Mishra). Learning the mantra of ‘Hakuna Matata’, Simba transforms his living style as all these street-side ordinary beings. He’s hunted down by his childhood love Nala (Neha Gargawa), who then makes him realise how much his kingdom needs him. I really did not need to tell the age-old story but following the formalities.

The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Shah Rukh Khan Makes You Miss Him More!
The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Shah Rukh Khan Makes You Miss Him More!

The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Script Analysis

With The Jungle Book, Disney managed to achieve something unexpected by restoring a classic. Same was the plan for The Lion King and they somehow have managed to bring in some surprises. With every scene, the challenge to make something new shines bright just as the gloomy portions of the woods, but there never has existed an all-beautiful jungle.

Disney, after a mind-blowing Toy Story 4, has managed to, yet again, utilise the 3D effects in order to back the narrative. On the technical level, The Lion King scores a 10/10 because many of us are aware of each and every second of the proceedings happening in the film. This is better than this year’s Aladdin to bank on the nostalgic values because of its outstanding execution. This also faces a similar drawback of inviting parallels with the original one in order to bring back the memories.

The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Star Performance

Shah Rukh Khan as Mufasa is the ‘king’ of the film. The major reason why I chose to watch the movie in Hindi and he doesn’t disappoint. That substantial baritone goes extremely well with the character, and he gives his Shah-touch to desify it beautifully. Aryan Khan lives up to the expectations of being Simba, as he utilises his father genes to sound almost like him.

Yes, there were scenes when Aryan’s Simba gets a little bit of squeaky but that can totally be ignored. The artist who dubbed for young Simba did an extraordinary job. The texture of his voice brings in the innocence and hence the immediate connect with it. Pumbaa the warthog (voiced by Sanjay Mishra) and Timon the meerkat (Shreyas Talpade) bring in the much required comical relief to the movie. Shreyas’ energy in unmatchable while Mishra brightens up even few meh lines.

Ashish Vidyarthi is brilliant as Scar! He sounds dark and proves to be a worthy choice of playing someone as classic as him. Asrani as Zazu brings back the ‘aaaadhe udhar jaao…’ memories and he’s delightfully charming.

The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): Direction, Music

Jon Favreau, though steps in the dangerous shoes, walks quite a few miles without tumbling. The execution of the story gives it a fresh appeal and that’s what stands out. Yes! The protagonist of the film ‘jungle’ has been glorified way too much. Favreau with the help of Caleb Deschanel (cinematographer) pans the camera swiftly without losing any detail.

Recreating a classic by retaining its original music director, the legend, Hans Zimmer. Can we even question his choices to bring back the boisterous background score on the screen? Zimmer, all these years, have done nothing but grow. Even the Hindi songs didn’t disrupt the BGM much.

The Lion King Movie Review (Hindi): The Last Word

All said and done, The Lion King is a must-watch for those who’ve seen it or those who will experience this for the first time. Despite knowing everything about the film, you still will leave with your heart filled with something new. A good 3D screen (preferably IMAX) and Hindi version recommended!

Three and a half stars!

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The Lion King releases on 19th July, 2019.

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