Soorma Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and a half stars)

Star Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Taapsee Pannu, Vijay Raaz, Satish Kaushik, Kulbushan Kharbanda.

Director: Shaad Ali

Soorma Movie Review: Diljit Dosanjh Flicks Right Through Your Heart, Shaad Ali Breaks It!
Soorma Movie Review: Diljit Dosanjh Flicks Right Through Your Heart, Shaad Ali Breaks It!

What’s Good: The idea of bringing in someone like Diljit Dosanjh as Sandeep Singh, Vijay Raaz’s show-stealing performance, Taapsee Pannu’s captivating presence.

What’s Bad: Direction! This a golden opportunity lost, yet again, by Shaad Ali. The emotions fall flat unable to find the required connect.

Loo Break: Plenty in second half, the forced emotions will force you to take some.

Watch or Not?: If you’re a fan of Diljit Dosanjh & not Sandeep Singh.

User Rating:

As we all know by the promo, Soorma is the story about what is touted as one of the greatest comebacks as far as Indian sports is concerned. Sandeep Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) who gets into hockey just to woo a girl. He wants to win the love of Harpreet (Taapsee Pannu), who also is an aspiring hockey player but way better at her game. After some intense training, Sandeep finally gets into Hockey as he aims at playing for the nation.

Under the guidance of his brother Bikramjeet (Angad Bedi) – who just lost his chance of selection in the national team – and his coach Harry (Vijay Raaz), Sandeep gets selected to play for India. But an incident on a train makes him partially paralysed below the waist. Losing some important people in his life, Sandeep gets up from the chaos and represents India once again to win some more trophies and shatter some more records.

Soorma Movie Review: Diljit Dosanjh Flicks Right Through Your Heart, Shaad Ali Breaks It!
Soorma Movie Review: Diljit Dosanjh Flicks Right Through Your Heart, Shaad Ali Breaks It!

Soorma Movie Review: Script Analysis

On the paper the script is all goosebumps-evoking but when you actually see it on-screen you don’t feel what you expect from the hype. From brotherly bond to a father-son relationship, from a cute love story to an Indo-Pak match – Soorma splits itself into way too many directions to focus on one. When you’ve a movie like Chak De! India to draw parallels with you don’t mess with the basics.

Movies like M.S.Dhoni – The Untold Story & Bhaag Milkha Bhaag too received criticism but they were entertaining in major portions and somewhere hit an emotional chord. Soorma fails to deliver on both the grounds – it has its fair share of dull moments and emotions are forced at many places. The movie will only be remembered for its performances & that’s not a good thing about any film.

Soorma Movie Review: Star Performance

Diljit Dosanjh flicks the ball straight into the goalpost of your heart & scores your love. Bikramjeet (Played by Angad Bedi) asks Sandeep in a scene, “Since when you’ve become so famous among-st the girls”; Diljit should answer it after this film, “Since now.” Yes! Diljit is going to charm every girl out there with his performance. His cent-percent dedication is visible from his performance & it speaks how great an actor he is.

Taapsee Pannu has looked heavenly in the film! It seems she was waiting for someone to let her portray an avatar such as this. Full marks for enthusiasm & hard-work but her character is poorly written. Her track never settles down with one thing rather provoking confusion about what she wants to do. Vijay Raaz lives up to the expectations I had from him. For whatever time he will be on screen, there will be laughs echoing the cinema halls.

Angad Bedi is good in some scenes, average in others. Though, there’s a certain kind of innocence and honesty with his performance. Satish Kaushik is wasted! That man has the power to bring down the house with his emotions but he’s not been fully utilised in the film.

Soorma Movie Review: Direction, Music

Shaad Ali’s direction is the biggest flaw of the film. He could’ve turned this into a classic but unfortunately it’s a very forgettable attempt. Juggling with family drama, romance & patriotism, Shaad drops the balls too many times creating a mess. Shaky camerawork, the fade in-fade out transitions & many things obstructs your watching experience. Hockey, being a sport which is not as famous as Cricket in India, needed to be explained well. Shaad just fails to execute the process of introducing Hockey and he directly skips to the goals.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy come up with a mixed bag of songs for the film. The title track, Ishq Di Baajiyaan & Pardesiya are amazing tracks but are not very well used in the film. The Soorma anthem is so affective when you listen it to as a standalone song but it comes too late in the film to create that desired impact. Pardesiya – one of my favourite tracks of the year has been used very lazily.

Soorma Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, despite remarkable performances by everyone Soorma is a disappointment as a movie. The story of Sandeep Singh needed a detailed narration which gets narrowed down to a paper-thin plot in Soorma. Watch it just for Diljit Dosanjh, Taapsee Pannu & Vijay Raaz.

Two and half stars!

Soorma Movie Trailer

Soorma Movie releases on 13th July, 2018.


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