Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Jackie Shroff, Chintan Sarda

Director: Chintan Sarda

Shunyata Movie Review
Shunyata Movie Review

What’s Good: Strong performances, hard-hitting script

What’s Bad: The film could have been a bit longer

Loo Break: Not at all!

Watch or Not?: If you are one of those who does not mind watching a film about the street urchins and their ‘double lives’ which they live in, this movie is a must watch.


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The film starts off with a cold-blooded murder by Madhur (Jackie Shroff) as a part of a contract killing. The film, then, introduces to its second protagonist Tinu, a young boy who is out to avenge his mother’s killer. For reasons best known to Madhur, he develops an extreme soft corner for Tinu and repeatedly prevents him from soaking his hands in the world of crime. One fine day, when Tinu comes to deliver a drug consignment, he gets a shock of his life when he discovers that his client is none other than his mother’s killer! He immediately pulls out a gun from his client’s pocket and is about to shoot him down. Exactly, at that time, Madhur arrives at the scene and prevents Tinu again from becoming a criminal. Does Tinu listen to Madhur and forgive his mother’s killer, does Tinu succeed in avenging his mother’s death and what happens in the end which turns the course of the film’s premise is what forms the rest of the film.

Shunyata Movie Review
Shunyata Movie Review

Shunyata Review: Script Analysis

The film has one of the well-shot twists in the tale of the recent times. The film’s script is definitely hard hitting and is totally in sync and in tune with the lives which the gangsters and the street urchins live. The script very rightly portrays the protagonist’s angst and his sense of revenge and an essence of forgiveness. The film’s script definitely has the potential to be made into a full-fledged film, since it’s a film which has been released only on YouTube.

Shunyata Review: Star Performance

The film belongs to the veteran actor Jackie Shroff as much as it belongs to the young boy who plays Tinu. Jackie Shroff, who is not new to playing such characters, does a decent job in his role. His instincts as a silent guardian to the young boy really gets you connected with his character. His edgy street lingo, intensity, and his powerful persona as Madhur is simply apt. On the other hand, the boy who plays Tinu lands up doing a great job in the film. He is in utmost control over his emotions and offers great support to the legendary Jackie Shroff. Rest of the film’s characters do a good job.

Shunyata Review: Direction, Music

The film’s director Chintan Sarda, who happens to be a known name in Bollywood, exhibits his directorial skills to the fullest with this short film. After having assisted in films like Don 2 and The Shaukeens, Chintan Sarda does a great job as a director with Shunyata. The way in which he has envisaged the film’s plot is highly commendable. What takes the cake is the spine-chilling suspense which changes the film’s course by the time it ends.

The film’s music (here, it’s the background music) is taut and is in sync with the film’s narrative. The film’s music, as well as the film’s script, complement each other to a ‘t’.

Shunyata Review: The Last Word

The film definitely makes for a good watch. Thanks to the film’s script and soul-stirring performances by Jackie Shroff and the young boy, the film is recommended. The icing on the cake is the film’s suspense.

Shunyata Trailer

Shunyata releases on 4th August 2017.

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