Section 375 Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)

Star Cast: Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha, Meera Chopra, Rahul Bhat

Director: Ajay Bahl

Section 375 Movie Review: Cinema Beyond Entertainment!
Section 375 Movie Review: Cinema Beyond Entertainment!

What’s Good: Was I watching a film or was I in the court witnessing the truth (or the lie) unfolding in front of me? Oh and an ABLAZING Akshaye Khanna.

What’s Bad: Things get one-sided many-a-times & that opens a predictable route to the story.

Loo Break: Only if you want to add a new law of arresting people for using the loo while watching good movies.

Watch or Not?: If you believe in movies beyond entertainment, go for it!

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As per the title goes, the story narrates a story of an alleged rape case that’s been defended and supported throughout the film. Tarun Saluja (Akshaye Khanna) faces his protege Hiral Mehta (Richa Chadha) in the case, and it takes an interesting turn of events with every truth getting unfold. Renowned director Rohan Khurana (Rahul Bhat) is accused of raping a junior costume assistant Anjali (Meera Chopra).

The case which looks crystal clear in the start gets dirty as it moves forward. Quoting the Indian Penal Code, victim agrees that she was forced for sex will and consent and hence it’s a plain case of rape. But, the master lawyer with tricks down his sleeves dog into the case to reveal what no one saw. The entire story makes you tumble from this side to other, making you doubt your thinking about the truth.

Section 375 Movie Review: Cinema Beyond Entertainment!
Section 375 Movie Review: Cinema Beyond Entertainment!

Section 375 Movie Review: Script Analysis

The story is penned by Manish Gupta, an underrated genius who has been behind good films like Amitabh Bachchan’s Sarkar and Kay Kay Menon’s Rahasya. It’s from Akshaye Khanna’s opening speech of ‘Don’t love the law’, you know the film will have an A-grade writing. Manish throws in facts throughout the story and they are not just for the sake of informing. Everything blends in so well with the narrative, that even if you’re confused on whose side you’re on, you know you’ll not go unanswered from this.

The film opens with no bridging shot & instead we get to see a tension-filled face of Richa Chadha, which is connected in the end. Little things like these matters a lot in a film of this genre. The interrogation sequence with the victim, Akshaye confronting with the judges every single time, closing statements of both the lawyers, the story is filled with many such gems. It demands your attention and you’ll not mind giving every minute of it. The best thing about courtroom dramas is, you need to be there & Section 375 smoothly achieves that feat.

Section 375 Movie Review: Star Performance

Akshaye Khanna, with every film, proves just one thing – Why he’s the most missed actor in Bollywood. He’s a drop ‘dread’ delight to watch. With that almost perfect dialogue delivery, he manages to land a wicked smile – it’s pure gold!

Richa Chadha is effortless! She portrays the underdog in the story and underplays it beautifully. Though her character is half-baked and there were times when you just feel she deserved better writing. Rahul Bhat convinces you with his menacing performance. His interesting character arc rises many debatable questions because the whole game of justice is played around him.

Meera Chopra communicates with her expressions. She doesn’t get many dialogues, but she seals the deal with her presence. Both the judges are given the authentic touch & you would want to believe that this is how advocates are in real life.

Section 375 Movie Review: Direction, Music

Ajay Bahl, who previously has helmed a much controversial B.A. Pass, rises high as a director. The long shots in the courtroom sequences, smooth panning are handled very well by Bahl. Things get a little shaky at times, but thankfully such situations are few.

Thanks to the good lords of smartness, makers chose to not include a single song throughout the film. This just elevates the seamless watching experience. Clinton Cerejo is adequate! Not more, not less. It fills in the silences very well and that’s what a movie of this genre yearns for.

Section 375 Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, this movie is more than the nitpicked flaws. It presents the judiciary system in a very abstract light and moves you in the right direction. It makes you think with its very unique approach.

Three and a half stars!

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Section 375 releases on 12 September, 2019.

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