Policegiri Movie Poster
Policegiri Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj and Prachi Desai

Director: K. S. Ravikumar

What’s Good: Sanjay Dutt

What’s Bad: Mostly everything else

Loo break: A couple

Watch or Not?: Policegiri isn’t distasteful or bland; it’s just not refreshing enough. An overdo of beating baddies to the pulp, the film fails to match up to the level of Dabangg-like template in terms of coherent narration or zing! The plot is tiresome and the blaze exhausts itself by offering familiar power packed fights which lacks fun!

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The combo of police and goon, DCP Rudra (Sanjay Dutt) is a menace for wrong doers. Coming across as superhero, watch him clean off Nagarpura and take on local goon Nagori (Prakash Raj) with an effective blend of rowdyism and kind heartedness.

His sensitive side is unleashed when he falls in love with the ravishing Seher (Prachi Desai). Translating himself as a messiah for the panic stricken localites, his unique combo way of tackling crime is what pulls off the stellar show in the film.

So is Rudra successful in eradicating crime off his area or he too falls prey to the corrupt manners of Nagori? Policegiri answers all these questions and wraps up climactically!

Prakash Raj And Sanjay Dutt Policegiri Movie Stills
Prakash Raj And Sanjay Dutt Policegiri Movie Stills

Policegiri Review: Script Analysis

Using the most common fodder of action films, this one is another masalathon. In such films, it is the charisma of its lead man that weighs heavy. Sanjay Dutt plays the rustic cop with great delight. But the problem is the treatment, which is very raw and since the audience have already got used to polished packaging of action, Policegiri is loud, shabby and doesn’t entertain with a thumping quality.

Looking for freshness, this one disappointed me! The charisma of the maverick cop falls out for the lazy screenplay and the script itself seems half baked. There are endless tributes to Rajnikanth’s genre of action style which gets annoying after a point. An unsettling clone of  a vast body of similar work in Bollywood, Policegiri is complete in terms of script but fails in terms of execution!

Policegiri Review: Star Performances

Sanjay Dutt delivers Rudra with ground breaking thrill. For him alone, Policegiri shines and his screen power camouflages the details wonderfully.

Prachi Desai is an apt eye candy and is smooth in her stint.

Prakash Raj is a mere caricature of his Southern version as the eye bulging villain but doesn’t manage to command much power or fear! He indeed is capable of much better and roles like these doesn’t qualify apt for him.

Policegiri Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Using the vintage formula, the director K. S. Ravikumar fails to enthuse much finesse into his film. An all-in-all entertainer that it tries to be ends up being incorrigible and bizarre at places. Sadly the punches of the film are mostly dull and remain unmemorable. I won’t call it boring because it undeniably amuses you frequently but entertainment wise the film falls short.

In the unsubtle demeanor, the film’s unconvincing climax stays flat mostly! It is not atrocious just mediocre and that’s the problem. The music is tacky and the screenplay is uninteresting!

Policegiri Review: The Last Word

Policegiri is a throwaway for being frustratingly commonplace. The film is ordinary and unexciting, with a stench of sameness. I am settling for a 2/5. Watch it only for Sanjay Dutt as he captivates as the robust Rudra.

Policegiri Trailer

Policegiri released on 5th July, 2013.

Share with us your experience of watching Policegiri.

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  1. Abe Hollywood Ki THE LONE RANGER BHi Release Hui Hai Uska Review Kaun Dega
    Khair Acha Hua Nahi Diya,Kaha 1500 Crore Ki Film Ko Tum Judge Karoge

  2. mr mohan basu sixty percent cinegoers are still single screen audiance,and the indian cinema is alive only because of the indian masses, what a pity that u also belong to that class who thinks they are unfortunately born indians, your review clearly indicates that u have liked the movie, as it is a fantastic entertainer but because of the reason mentioned above, are shy of appreciating the same the collection of the single screen justify my views and make a mockery of your views, the collections are double and triple than those of the movies like ranjhanaa ,lootera and the rest of those films whom u give 3 and 4 stars, and do not worry pleses will also pickup and u will bite your words, u gave 2 stars to aashique2 and it did wonders all over u were made a laughing stock. donot try to manupulate things using media u cannot,what salman does in dabang and ajay in singham fantastic and what sanjay does is stupid,this is hypocris, right goes he saying “garib ki joru sabki bhabi”

    • first of all it is mohar basu n its miss not mr. Secondly despite being a single screen movie it will fail badly at the box office and dabangg n singham had some class appeal unlike policegiri.


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