Pareeksha Movie Review Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Adil Hussain, Priyanka Bose, Sanjay Suri, Shubham Jha

Director: Prakash Jha

Pareeksha Movie Review (Zee5): Celebrating The Sheer BRILLIANCE Of Adil Hussain!
Pareeksha Movie Review (Zee5): Celebrating The Sheer BRILLIANCE Of Adil Hussain!

What’s Good: The sheer brilliance of Adil Hussain & how he literally owns the story staying true to it throughout.

What’s Bad: We’ve been taken this route before & we’ve seen many films exploring the similar template, this has some standout qualities but unfortunately not enough.

Loo Break: Clocking at just 100 minutes, this still demands some pauses in between.

Watch or Not?: For Adil Hussain, A BIG YES!

User Rating:

Follows the similar template of an ‘underdog emerging as a winner’, we have a Rickshaw driver Buchi (Adil Hussain) from Rachi, and his ‘extremely good at studies’ son Bulbul (Shubham Jha). Despite going to a government school, Buchi believes Bulbul will have to be in a private school in able to do something in life.

Buchi is a driver to the students of a Sapphire International School and he tries every trick to get Bulbul in it. In his journey forward, he forgets to draw the line between what’s immoral & what’s illegal. He does things which become a roadblock in his son’s honest achievements.

Pareeksha Movie Review (Zee5): Celebrating The Sheer BRILLIANCE Of Adil Hussain!
Pareeksha Movie Review (Zee5): Celebrating The Sheer BRILLIANCE Of Adil Hussain!

Pareeksha Movie Review: Script Analysis

Prakash Jha manages to take a ‘short film’ subject extending it into a feature film. He excels in handling the dramatic portions of the film due to well-written scenes and some authentic performances. The film faces issues when it shows what we’ve already seen before. It loses the momentum without Adil Hussain on-screen which isn’t a good sign. The college portions come across as poorly scripted worthless plus-ones.

The conflict of ‘what’s moral and what’s not’ isn’t balanced properly as the struggle doesn’t come across as real. It’s Adil Hussain taking everything on his shoulders and connect us emotionally with it. The whole metaphor of ‘it’s parents’ exams along with children’ isn’t showcased properly. Sachin Krishn’s cinematography is pretty basic and it adds nothing fancy to talk about. Not a bad thing to be basic and given the theme of the film, that’s what is exactly needed. Santosh Mandal manages to crisp-out the story with his edge-to-edge editing.

Pareeksha Movie Review: Star Performance

Adil Hussain is the solo warrior of the film. He manages to tear some heavy emotions right through your heart with nothing but a smile. Playing someone with whom you might interact on a regular basis, Adil gives you a chance to explore how the life around that person looks like. Despite all the flaws around him, he just gleams bright throughout the film.

Priyanka Bose lends solid support to the emotional pressure created by Prakash Jha. She was good in this year’s What Are The Odds? but with this film, she just explodes her range going all out with the performance.

Sanjay Suri has a subtle extended appearance in the film. Though his character missed the meat he brings his trademarked aura with him. Shubham Jha, the central character of the film, lacks the spark. I can totally understand Prakash Singh Jha’s vision of restricting/limiting the kid’s ‘acting’ to give an authentic touch but Shubham fails to fit in the melodramatic bracket set by Jha.

Pareeksha Movie Review: Direction, Music

It’s totally in Praksh Jha’s zone, geographically as well as pragmatically. This is is home ground and he knows where he could go wrong with it. He directs a script which is weak in parts but equally good in handling the emotions. Weak because of the fact that this template is done to death in any industry around the world. Mr Director adds some novel ingredients but not enough to cook a wholesome meal.

Usually, the BGM of Prakash Jha films don’t score much as compared to other departments, but Advait Nemlekar surprises. He makes some valiant choices in filling the background with his music and for the most part, it works. There are no songs in the film doing good to its viewers.

Pareeksha Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Adil Hussain remains the MVP and the major reason to watch Pareeksha. Despite a similar plot, it’s the drama and performances keeping you hooked. Give it a try!

Three stars!

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Pareeksha releases on 6th August 2020.

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