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Star Cast: Danish Sait, Prakash Belawadi, and Samyuktha Hornadu.

Director: Vamsidhar Bhogaraju.

One Cut Two Cut Movie Review Out!
One Cut Two Cut Movie Review Ft. Danish Sait ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

What’s Good: A film that is so random but every sharp commentary about the society it delivers makes complete sense. Danish has found his niche and he has to keep flourishing there.

What’s Bad: That it doesn’t entirely use the absurdity it drives on.

Loo Break: It’s a sweet little film and one that demands alertness from you.

Watch or Not?: Realisation packed with laughter is how I can define this movie in one line. Go in and enjoy.


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Runtime:88 Minutes.

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Gopi (Danish) Arts and Craft graduate joins a school as an art teacher and is super excited about his first day. Little does he know that destiny has different plans and he is walking into a hijack situation himself. The hijackers are a completely different ball game altogether. Straight out of the imagination of some absurd mind, these are humans you will only watch in this movie.

One Cut Two Cut Movie Review
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One Cut Two Cut Movie Review: Script Analysis

Satire as a genre is quite risky. One sharp comment and the offence brigade is triggered. Taking the genre ahead, some filmmakers found a subgenre where they make metaphorical movies completely away from the blueprint of satire but make sure they convey their message successfully. One Cut Two Cut finds itself in the latter territory.

Danish Sait as a creator has a distinct voice. He talks about almost everything that surrounds him but in a way that you will end up laughing at it but also realising the gravity of the situation. Based in Bangalore again, One Cut Two Cut is written by Danish with Vamsidhar Bhogaraju. This time around, the actor becomes an innocent man who enters the education system of his landscape only to lose his innocence slowly.

The movie while being served as a brainless comedy about characters that are too over the top and borderline caricatures, is actually a sharp satire that talks about the education system at large. A school that has almost no space, teachers are less in number and let’s not even talk about the facilities provided. But all of this isn’t spoon fed to you ever. The comedy that takes place around it makes you realise the presence of these problems.

What takes home brownie point is the writing when it comes to shaping the nemesis of the movie. A gang inspired by Money Heist that includes an RJ with a weird Amitabh Bachchan connect, an ex-serviceman, a keyboard warrior and a stand-up comedian. All the while the writing on their part makes you aware that this isn’t a dystopian land or unrealistic, it is the same time when comedians are sued for their opinions, social media validation means everything, and being vegan is trendy.

You never hate the villains because they aren’t villain enough. The fact is they are not even bad people. They only seek a better world and their small demands are their step to a better world.

The script does falter a bit where it stops using its absurdness to the fullest. I would have loved if it went all out in creating a climax that would have looked like an irrelevant orchestra of comedy and dramatics.

One Cut Two Cut Movie Review: Star Performance

It takes special talent to act like an obnoxious man when you know the absurdity of your character. Every single person in the frame is doing that with their characters in the movie. Danish Sait as Gopi acts like he knows this man in and out. He does break the character and the fourth wall in one scene. While it is funny, I did not understand the reference.

Prakash Belawadi has been a perfect villain or his confidant all this while. Now when he picks the gun and utter some hilarious lines, it all still creates an impact.

One Cut Two Cut Movie Review
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One Cut Two Cut Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director Vamsidhar Bhogaraju captures the essence of Bangalore perfectly. The cross pollination of culture. A group of hijackers who don’t know Kannada, the traffic that doesn’t even spare an assassin. Every thing is bizarre yet makes complete sense. There is always a feeling that you know these things and they need to change but you also laugh at it.

One Cut Two Cut Movie Review: The Last Word

It is an unique movie and Danish Sait with his team makes it an experience worth the time you invest. Watch it.

One Cut Two Cut Trailer

One Cut Two Cut releases on 03 February, 2022.

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