Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah, Leela Samson

Director: Shaad Ali

OK Jaanu
OK Jaanu

What’s Good: Aashiqui 2 stars Aditya and Shraddha’s endearing chemistry, Rahman’s music and a must watch black and white video of the song Enna Sona.

What’s Bad: No strings attached relationships finally giving way to tying the knot. Can Bollywood ever come out of it?

Loo Break: In the second half

Watch or Not?: The film is overall entertaining. Go for it if you want to leave the theatre as a happy soul.

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Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur), a video game developer saves a complete stranger Tara (Shraddha Kapoor), an architect, who was about to jump in front of a local train in Mumbai after fighting with her boyfriend. Just few days later, the two meet again in a church at Adi’s close buddy Jenny’s wedding and they hit it off instantly. In no time, they become more than just friends, in their words, Jaanu.

Adi follows Tara on her work assignment to Ahmedabad and they spend quality time together. After returning, Tara shifts to Adi’s rented room at retired High Court Justice G Shrivastava’s (Naseeruddin Shah) house. His wife Charu is a renowned classical singer and Alzheimer’s patient who often leaves the house on her own and loses her way. Adi and Tara rescue her a couple of times.

Very soon, the aged couple grows fond of the youngsters. Charu’s bonding with her extremely caring husband, whom she fondly calls Poplu, inspire the young lovebirds. However, they have a very strong no strings attached condition in their relationship and choose to respect each other’s privacy. But that does not happen in reality and they end up behaving like every other couple, who get worried when they can’t find each other, fight in a posh restaurant and click selfies when they are happy.

Six months pass like a dream and then comes the time to separate. Adi creates a video game called Mumbai 2.0, for which he has to move to Los Angeles and Tara gets admission to study architecture in Paris. Extremely upset for having to leave each other, the lovebirds decide to enjoy the last 10 days of being together!

OK Jaanu Review
OK Jaanu Review

OK Jannu Review: Script Analysis

Here is some more old wine in a new bottle. The story is just so predictable! Bollywood has witnessed N number of movies with a similar storyline on no commitments and no strings attached relationship. This one adds to the list soon after Befikre, which released last month. There is absolutely nothing new in the story.

Naseeruddin Shah’s character is interesting. He is a strict but affectionate person, who treats his tenant as his children and takes care of his ill wife single handedly. He is a person to whom they can confide and plays a father figure to them. His wife Charu is also a very kind lady but unfortunately often fails to remember people owing to her disease.

Tara’s relationship with her mother depicts how children get affected when their parents part ways. There are not too many characters in the film but the characters are nicely created.

Dialogues like Charu saying, “Tum dono Manglik ho? Tab toh shaadi ho sakti hai” and Adi and Tara planning to name their pet dogs and kids ‘Shishupal’ will make you laugh out loud.

OK Jannu Review: Star Performance

Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur’s chemistry needs no introduction. The Aashiqui 2 co-stars seem just made for each other.

Aditya’s acting is commendable, especially in a scene where he is shocked to hear about their engagement plans from Tara.

Shraddha has put up a fairly good performance throughout.

Naseeruddin Shah is a delight to watch!

Leela Samson’s portrayal of an Alzheimer’s stage two patient brings tears to the eyes.

OK Jannu Review: Direction, Music

Kudos to the director for choosing just the right set of actors. Viewers do enter the theatre with high expectations from the helmer of films like Saathiya and Bunty Aur Babli and he doesn’t disappoint them. The first half of the film moves pretty fast but slows down a bit in the second half.

Adi and Tara fall in love a bit too fast, as if they will miss a flight if they don’t fall in love right now. We wonder if people do fall in love that fast in reality!

Some scenes in Mumbai’s local trains reminds us of Saathiya. There are few scenes, which just add to the length of the film and it would still be great if these could be omitted. Otherwise the film is more or less tightly edited.

Tracks like Ok Jaanu, Kara Fankara and The Humma song could be heard on loop. The music overall is great!

OK Jannu Review: The Last Word

OK Jaanu is an extremely entertaining film. Adi and Tara’s chemistry will make you feel young and want to fall in love once again! This film is a must watch for all romantic souls!

OK Jannu Trailer

OK Jannu releases on 13th Jan, 2017.

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