Srishti Creations’ Naughty @ 40 (A) is a comedy about a 40-year-old unmarried man, Harvinder alias Harry (Govinda).

Harry lives in London with his parents (Anupam Kher and Smita Jayakar) and cousins (Harrish and Amit Channa). He is a somnambulist and this sleep-walking habit of his often gets him into trouble. His family is worried for him and so his parents soon take him to India where they bride-hunt for him. Harry ultimately decides to marry Gauri (Yuvika Chaudhary), an innocent young girl who has no knowledge of the birds and the bees. Much as Harry tries to consummate his marriage, Gauri resists his every move as she doesn’t understand his sexual advances. Frustrated, he seeks sexual favours from a foreigner friend of his (Edward Lucia) who is more than willing to oblige. One day, Gauri sees her husband cosying up to the foreigner and she doesn’t like it one bit. It is then that her grandmother explains to her about some marriage truths.

Naughty @ 40 Review (Naughty @ 40 Movie Stills)

Salim Raza’s story is as childish as it can get. Crass and crude jokes are aplenty and hardly any of them are worth laughing at. At least the multiplex-frequenting audience would feel put off by the drama on the screen. The single-screen viewers, particularly the ladies, may enjoy the double-meaning dialogues. It may be mentioned here that Salim Raza’s dialogues are funny at places but his penchant for rhyming words every time, gets irritating for the audience.The sex-laden dialogues also embarrass the viewer, especially when Harry talks about having sex with his wife, to her own father.

The problem with the drama is that the storyline is thin and writer Salim Raza has penned a hackneyed screenplay which goes haywire because it runs out of steam pretty fast.

Govinda tries his best to entertain but succeeds only partially. Yuvika Chaudhary is too loud and fails to impress. Anupam Kher does an average job. Sanjay Mishra is pretty entertaining. Sayali Bhagat is dull. It is ridiculous that she has been made to walk awkwardly when she is with Govinda, just so that she doesn’t look taller than him! Edward Lucia fills the bill. Rakesh Bedi, Shakti Kapoor and Smita Jayakar lend the required support. Harrish and Amit Channa provide average support. Gurpreet Guggi is quite nice. Others pass muster.

Naughty @ 40 Review (Naughty @ 40 Movie Stills)


Jagmohan Mundhra’s direction is dated, much like the script. Films like this went out of fashion a decade ago. Monty Sharma’s music is weak. Songs come abruptly, without any situation. Song picturisations (Pony Verma and Nimesh Bhatt) are routine. Camerawork (Kabir Lal) is good. Sets (Jayant Deshmukh) are too ordinary to be true. Ashfaque Makrani’s editing is haphazard.

On the whole, Naughty @ 40 is a poor fare with dim chances at the multiplexes and ordinary chances at the single-screen cinemas.




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