Naane Varuvean Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Dhanush, Indhuja Ravichandran, Elli Avvram, Yogi Babu & ensemble.

Director: K. Selvaraghavan.

Naane Varuvean Movie Review
Naane Varuvean Movie Review( Photo Credit – A Still From Naane Varuvean )

What’s Good: Dhanush with his forever confused gaze trying to make sense of it all.

What’s Bad: The lethargy involved in almost everything about the movie and also someone thought this was a full proof idea.

Loo Break: Now that it is available ok OTT, first decide whether you really want to watch this or not.

Watch or Not?: You won’t miss out on anything if you give this a pass.

Language: Tamil (with subtitles).

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Runtime: 118 Minutes.

User Rating:

A man (Dhanush) lives in a city with his wife and a teenage daughter. In their happy routine, one fine day a ghost from the past knocks on the door and the said man is reminded of the traumatic past he left behind. What begins is the race to bring back normalcy and who wins is the film.

Naane Varuvean Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Naane Varuvean )

Naane Varuvean Movie Review: Script Analysis

While the Indian cinema as a whole has managed to try and turn out successful in all the genres of filmmaking, one that highly remains unexplored and misunderstood leading to mediocre or bad products is horror. To compensate for the void that the stories grown here consist, we add another sub genre to make it a busy affair. Dhanush now not only leads a horror-thriller but also writes one and well we are still far from the goal it seems.

Story by Dhanush & screenplay by K. Selvaraghavan, Naane Varuvean is a film that is so busy being something that it ends up being nothing. On the scripting level, it is a story of a pair of twins who are separated and are united in some unforeseen circumstances but if 90 minutes of the 118 are spent only building up the story how am I supposed to invest in the sorting of it all? Let’s dissect.

The blueprint of the movie is about exploring the mystery through flashbacks. The opening of the film itself is a tail that connects us to the twin, one of whom is saved by a hunter and is kind of influenced. Cut to the present where a father is nurturing his family. Now the premise of the movie is so small that it begins and ends at Dhanush, with no time for another character to breathe. This ends up making everyone look like one-liners of a people with no layers at all.

There is never consistency in what exactly the film wants to do. Does it want to take the Bhool Bhulaiyaa 1 way with a psychologist involved, or the out-and-out ghost of the world where the protagonists always take the wrong decisions? It ends up being a two-hour flick with no motive and the motive that is served in the last 20 minutes 5 which is reserved for the credit roll, is highly underwhelming.

Naane Varuvean Movie Review: Star Performance

In this world of paper-thin characters, Dhanush who is also responsible for the story tries to make ultimate sense of the material that is also kind of pushed by him. Even in the weakest of the plots, it is his acting capabilities as the bad brother that shine. There is a song sequence where he keeps his family as hostage and it is a Dhanush show. But everything else is as banal as it can be.

Everyone else is a one tone character with no substance.

Naane Varuvean Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Naane Varuvean )

Naane Varuvean Movie Review: Direction, Music

K Selvaraghavan in his filmmaking makes some pretty weird choices. How can both the brothers in a pair of twins age differently? Or where exactly is the snooty brother living? People talk in Marathi there, while he speaks in Tamil, there is a dark forest, and by night there is snowfall, but once the sun is up there is no trace of any snow. Even the dry grass isn’t damp forget wet. In the need to insert spooky elements the direction leaves behind logic.

Also, art department, if your idea of a phycologist’s clinic is that of a very gory room with no light and vibe like that of an old haunted house, it is you who need therapy first. Why would a profession about bringing light in the life of people will mental illness sit in a foundation that will end up giving more depression?

The music has some saving grace, but there is nothing that can be saved here.

Naane Varuvean Movie Review: The Last Word

Naane Varuvean is a weird film that can be labelled as a lazy product with no substance, it just exists and that’s the only achievement it can manage to touch.

Naane Varuvean Trailer

Naane Varuvean releases on 29 September, 2022.

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