Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (One and half stars)

Star Cast: Tiger Shroff, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Nidhhi Agerwal

Director: Sabbir Khan

Munna Michael Movie Review
Munna Michael Movie Review

What’s Good: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, one of the best actors Bollywood has ever had, Tiger Shroff’s dance, songs

What’s Bad: Weak script, poor execution, and debutante Nidhhi Agerwal fails to impress

Loo Break: You can choose to be in the loo or food court throughout the length of the film barring Tiger’s dance sequences

Watch or Not?: You can decide after reading the review

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Michael is a background dancer in films who is thrown out of his job due to age. On the same night, he finds an abandoned newborn baby lying in the garbage. Michael raises the child who grows up dancing to the tunes of Michael Jackson. While Munna nurtures the dream of becoming a dancer, his father wants him to take up a corporate job, marry and have kids. Munna starts challenging rich kids in dance clubs and earns money. After he is banned entry in Mumbai clubs, Munna moves to Delhi.

In Delhi, Munna meets Mahinder fauji, a gangster, and real estate mafia. Mahinder requests Munna to teach him dancing in 30 days so that he can impress his lady love, Dolly a bar dancer. Munna starts teaching Mahinder dancing and offers him suggestions regarding how to impress a girl. Mahinder hires Dolly as the lead dancer in his 5-star hotel. He gifts Dolly a 2 bhk flat and a car.

Meanwhile, Munna also develops a liking for Dolly and understands that she likes him too. Both of them share their love for dance in common although Munna doesn’t tell Dolly that he is a dancer too.

Suddenly Mahinder’s brother tries to molest Dolly and she runs away. Munna stops Mahinder from killing his brother and promises him that he’ll bring back Dolly very soon.

Will Munna be able to bring back Dolly for Mahinder? Whom does Dolly love? Will Munna be able to become a dancer?

Munna Michael Movie Review
Munna Michael Movie Review

Munna Michael Review: Script Analysis

The film starts off well but soon loses track. The script is weak and lacks purpose. It is half baked.

The protagonist, Munna does not have a strong purpose. He is just too casual in his approach towards everything. Nawazuddin’s character is interesting, a gangster who tries to impress his love by learning to dance. However, the climax ruins the fun.

The Delhi vs Mumbai battle reminded me of Bank Chor.

Munna Michael Review: Star Performance

Tiger Shroff as Munna Michael: Tiger Shroff is an excellent dancer and the makers of the film have utilized his potential to the fullest. His MJ style dance is just too cool! With a weak script and limited acting capability, Tiger shines only through his dance.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Mahinder Fauji is the main attraction of the film. A 42-year-old gangester who doesn’t think twice before shooting a person, loses his heart to a young and talented bar dancer and tries to impress her by learning to dance. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is an actor who is not known for his dancing skills but the way he overcomes his weakness and grasps the art of dancing is truly inspiring and commendable! With his excellent comic-timing and acting skills, Nawaz once again shows what he is capable of. With each of his films, I rediscover this actor and respect him even more.

Debutante Nidhhi Agerwal as Dolly is a good dancer and matches steps nicely with Tiger. However, she needs to brush up her acting skills and get rid of her tendency to overact.

Munna Michael Review: Direction, Music

How can a man dance with a bullet wound in his thigh? Isn’t it a bit too much? But then in Bollywood films, you probably can do everything.

The film is just boring, barring Tiger’s dance sequences. It is particularly difficult to sit through the second half. The story takes a new twist in the second half but poor execution spoils it.

The action sequences are good but they seem to be deliberately included in the film just to make it watchable. Too many action sequences also won’t be able to save this film.

Tiger’s dialogue, Munna Jhagra nahi karta, Munna sirft pitta hai, followed by some well-choreographed action sequences are repeated too many times in the film.

Some serious scenes become unintentionally hilarious.

Throughout the film, I kept on wondering, what am I watching?

The songs are nice, especially the numbers Main Hoon, Swag and Beat it Bijuriya.

Munna Michael Review: The Last Word

The trailer looked promising and I had entered the hall with some expectations if not a lot. But the film turned out to be a disappointment.

Even Tiger’s dance and Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brilliant performance will not be able to save this film.

One and half stars!

Munna Michael Trailer

Munna Michael releases on 21st July, 2017.

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